Well mama tells me this is my last column for this year and say that by the next one I will be over the hill. What! I am only seven going on eight years, but she says that is over 50 in human years, nearly as old as them. Surely not – they are grey and ancient. Admittedly I started the year with a silly outfit and an operation at the vets, but as we approach the end of the year I am woofy woofy woof in great shape.

Da nana Heather with papa Bruce and my big sister Shannon

I haven’t been anywhere the last few months. Da mama and da papa have been away quite a few times, a week here, a few days there, but I have been well looked after so that is okay really.

This time last year they had me in this silly outfit and were laughing at me

We had a visitor for a few weeks; it was my grandma, mama told me, da papa’s mummy. Can’t say I smelt the connection, but as she slept in my big bed I did sleep with her a few nights, until I found da mama and papa in Pete’s bed. I can’t jump up onto that coz I will hurt my stupid leg, so once they lifted me up at night I was careful not to get down again.

Bruce and Caspar Martinborough Xmas parade

What a busy year it has been. I went to car and horse races and a road trip to Kaikōura in the first few months. A few of my friends went to doggy heaven, so a happy woofy Christmas to Polly, Max and Napoleon – they were great mates so I hope they all have fun together.

Sooty and I had a great time and so cool to have a friend the same size as me

We had visitors come and stay, plus we went and stayed at other friends’ places and looked after them and their doggy families – Lox and Dink’s place at the beach was especially fun, I love it there. And I loved it so much in Kaikōura with Layla. I still dream about the rabbits down there – I wonder if they dream of me?

I felt pretty good afterwards, ready for hot summer weather

Looking back at my photo album I see there have been lots of visits to food places for da mama and papa all around the country. I was glad to have a coat to sit on at that really cold place Taupō.

Snuggling up with my favourite teddy-bear

Today I have been for a hair cut, and I’m ready for summer I reckon. Now that I don’t have hairy legs and belly maybe those pesky prickles and plants won’t stick to me and make me itch. I love the new allergy cream on my back – it is working great.

We went to the beach at Ngawi for a night, I was allowed to relax on my couch and watch the sun with Mama

Mama says I drive her mental with itching at this time of year. With short hair, I have to be careful not to get sunburnt though, and I am especially careful of the ground and sand at this time of year. The ground can be burning hot and my paws can get burnt if I am not careful. I see mama has put a towel, extra bottle of water and drink cup for me in all the cars.

Sometimes the seats in the car are super hot from the sun so I am woofy glad she thinks about me, and gives me water when we are travelling – I can’t get it myself so thankfully she always thinks about me.

That’s me and Lox having a great time together on the beach

Thanks to everyone for reading my column, sending me emails to say hi, and for my friends who write in. Have a happy holiday time, be safe if your owners take you away, always wear a seat belt – my harness is really good and the seat belt goes onto it easy. I feel safe in the car and motorhome with it on, and to be honest I can get out of it if I really want to but I like feeling secure too.

Merry woofy Xmas from me and da mama and da papa.