Woof woof hi there friends.

Well it has been a busy time again for me these last couple of months. Last time I woofed you, me and da mama and papa were in a place called Northland, I wrote my column from the beach table.

Since then we did the drive in the motorhome back home, with a night sleeping at Charlotte’s on the way. It is always great to get home; if it is daytime I sit up and look out the windows looking for my friends to woof woof to. Usually it is dark and we have been driving for hours, well da papa has, I just lay-back and sleep, a nice relaxing time for me.

I had a quick look in the strange car

We were only home a couple of days and da mama and papa packed a bag and drove away in the car – without me – I was not happy at first, but then Uncle Pete started playing with me and got the bag of special treats down from the cupboard, woof woof. I don’t get those from anyone else usually so I forgot they were gone soon enough. Uncle Pete takes me for runs, and plays with me around the back lawn lots so it’s not bad really. Mama got home a few days later, and it was all work work work as usual, for them not me of course, I kept my routine up of woof woof barking at the fence to all and any other doggie friends walking by.

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