Boy it is chilly today – there is actually ice on the grass outside. I am so glad I have my long winter coat on.

It has been a busy couple of months, and soooo confusing at times too. We have been in a new house in Pukekohe. It was woof pretty good except there was no one to play with, no window to sit in to watch people walk by the house, and coz we were at the end of a long driveway I couldn’t see the footpath or road at all. Quite woofy woofy boring most days. I have had to go back to playing with birds, balls and sticks for entertainment – grrr woofy a bit boring it has been.

No I don’t want a wine mama get me some water please woof woof

There have been lots of walkies and snacks at the place by the water, the viaduct mama calls it. Must be that weird bridge that we have to cross over, boy I get scared walking over that. The water underneath us is scary, and papa has to pick me up sometimes when there are lots of other people on it as well. It is great fun to sniff out the other doggies that have been there, and I get to meet all sorts of new doggie friends, both big and small, every time we go there.

We had a new car for a week. It was quite fun to have my seat in the back going for a couple of big drives, and lots of photos – a campervan mama and papa called it. Didn’t look like any of the other motorhomes we have been in, but apparently this one had a bed I couldn’t see. We went to a place called Hamilton for visiting, and on the way we stopped at a food place for mama and papa – Woodlands Estate in Whitikahu. I had to sit outside and watch mama and papa eating, coz I wasn’t allowed to sit with them, but everyone gave me a pat on the way in and out the door so I was a woofy woof happy chappy. Papa took me for a great walk among the trees and leaves to a water place before we drove away again. Not many other doggie smells there but I left a few of my own around the place just in case.

It was fun riding in this new camper, glad they took me this time

Mama and papa have been away a few times as well, leaving me with Mikey and little Charlie to play with. It is so good she finally likes me. Mama has been taking us for walkies with Charlie holding my lead – learning to control me they said. Woofy woofy laugh – I control them I said, but if it makes her happier to be with me we’ll pretend she’s the boss. It has taken all this time but now I am getting little pats, and she is feeding me the food off her plate – finally! It has taken so long to get to this point, but when I jumped into bed for a cuddle coz I was missing mama and papa she tried to push me off again, yelling at me. Thanks to Mikey I got to stay up and ended up with pats – these little people can be such hard work.

She did think it was funny when papa put me into the big bath after she had been playing in it, but I wasn’t happy. I am used to the shower, but at least it was warm in there. Mama says give it a few more months and she will be all over me – not sure about that, woof woof. She already sits in my little couch to watch TV, and there’s no room for me when she is on it so maybe that won’t be so good – we will woof woof see.

Always a happy day down at the Viaduct, especially when I get lots of attention

We had a night when there were big noises outside, big bangs and lights. I barked to let everyone know and we went out for a look. Fireworks, papa said it was, lots of bangs and big lights appearing in the sky. It was pretty cool, and papa held me up so we could watch together. Must be a sports event at the grounds he said – whatever that means, but it was interesting.

Mama and papa have been visiting lots of houses, in and out with people looking at I don’t know what, but there have been plenty of smells for me to check out while they have been inside them all. But last week something happened, woof woof. Our bags got packed, our furniture started going into a trailer, my bed and toys were loaded into the motorhome, what is going on I barked? Are we going home to Martinborough woof woof??

A walk before back into the car on a trip to Hamilton

Half an hour later I found out we had a new house around the corner, a big house with offices for mama and papa, a bedroom for my little friend Charlie, and a big backyard for me to run around in. As I sniffed the section out I found a couple of other doggies who might be my friend, one in the front and one on the side. This place has promise I thought – but again down a long driveway, no window to sit in and watch life going by, so disappointing, but maybe I will be able to sit at the top of the driveway at this place and see something at least, yap yap yay.

But the next day I saw my couch, bed and toys going into the big motorhome, what now woof? ‘We’re going on a roadie Caspie,’ mama said, ‘we are going home.’ What? Which home, I was so confused, but I do love a road trip so sat back in my seat and helped papa drive when he needed help on the corners. We drove all day and some of the night, with a few stops on the way, and as we got to Martinborough I sat up again – I know this place I thought, yahoo we are home. The first thing that had to be done when we arrived was a thorough sniff out of the property to see who had been there. It was so exciting in the morning to run up and down the fence talking to everyone who passed. I love my chair in the front window coz it has a perfect view of the driveway and footpath, so I have spent the last two weeks either in my chair watching out for friends going by, or running up and down the fence line talking to all and sundry as mama says. Lots of long walks around the vineyards, and quite a few mornings at the café with mama and papa inside with their friends and me outside with Sooty and some other friends. A visit to the vineyard café that mama and papa like is always good. I get to sit up in a seat, and there’s a big grassed area where lots of other doggies have visited, and the wine is lovely mama says – not for me thanks, give me some water. So good to be home. Confusing as well, as I see things being loaded into the motorhome. Why are those big drawers going in there and what is happening with the big TV? I just don’t understand what is going on, but as long as I’m with da mama and papa I don’t have to worry really.

We heard big bangs and then these lights came up in the sky, it was exciting - I wasn’t scared at all

A visit to the vet – oh no not another injection – and a bit of a gland clean out as well, oooohhhhh that does feel so good when it’s done, such a nice lady vet. Mama said we have to keep on top of my injections every year so I don’t get sick from other dogs. She forced a pill down my throat for something called worms – don’t know what that means but they sound nasty. The flea treatment I am used to – so good not to have those pesky little things driving me crazy and scratching. All I need now is another haircut and I will be set for a few months.

I sense another woof drive coming, the motorhome is packed with all sorts of stuff, drawers, chairs from the back shed, the TV and stereo – time to go back to Pukekohe I think. I will miss Laura in the office – I think she misses me too – I get lots of hugs and attention from her every day, but it is a bit exciting being somewhere different, and we will be back in a couple of weeks is what I am woof woofy hearing. I am allowed to be at the Christchurch show; we are going there in a few weeks, mama says, and we will stop in at home on the way there and the way back. Boy that sounds like a lot of driving. We will stop and see my friend Layla in Kaikōura, and will stay with my other friend Jeffrey at his house. I hope he has learnt to control his tail by now – these young pups can have lots of accidents knocking things over, especially when they are a big doggie, not a perfect-sized doggie like me.

Come and see me in Christchurch at the show, July 5–7 mama says, I will be there for pats and photos.