Hi There

It has been a woof woof busy time, and a woofy-saddy time too since I last wrote to readers.

Getting a hair trim at the rally, I felt pretty good afterwards, except for the silly neckerchief

‘Happy times first’ says da mama – I’ve been on lots of adventures in the motorhome and in the car. At first, I was left at home. I could tell something was going on when the work boxes came out of Laura’s office, and lots of stuff got packed in the motorhome, but grrrr woof grrrr nothing of mine – no couch, no bed, no food or treats so I knew it was going to be bad, they wouldn’t be taking me – and sure enough I got the “No Caspie, you’re staying” talk from mama and papa.

I was super sad for a few days even though Laura took me for walks in the day and feed me, and Rick looked after me at night – it just isn’t the same. And I couldn’t find my duckie or bear toys to play with, I think that cheeky little chappy from across the road has taken my toys, grrrr we must keep my gate shut, he comes and chews on my bones as well.

Then Rick packed my food and bed into his car, I was really puzzled – what woof is going woof here? We went for a big drive and after most of the day we stopped at a man’s house. Within a few minutes of getting out I knew I had been there before, we were in Mt Maunganui – but why? I was so confused.

Then I heard a familiar noise, it sounded like the motorhome, I sat quiet and still on the lawn watching, listening and smelling – I swear I could smell da mama and papa and then they were there, walking towards me and calling my name – woofy woofy yahoo.

Lots of friends both big and small at the NZMCA rally

We went and visited people and looked at motorhomes in lots of different places then drove down and stayed in a place called Whakatāne. We played with a girl, Josephine, and I explored where I was allowed to, then we went back to the motorhome for the night.

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