Hi There

It has been a woof woof busy time, and a woofy-saddy time too since I last wrote to readers.

Getting a hair trim at the rally, I felt pretty good afterwards, except for the silly neckerchief

‘Happy times first’ says da mama – I’ve been on lots of adventures in the motorhome and in the car. At first, I was left at home. I could tell something was going on when the work boxes came out of Laura’s office, and lots of stuff got packed in the motorhome, but grrrr woof grrrr nothing of mine – no couch, no bed, no food or treats so I knew it was going to be bad, they wouldn’t be taking me – and sure enough I got the “No Caspie, you’re staying” talk from mama and papa.

I was super sad for a few days even though Laura took me for walks in the day and feed me, and Rick looked after me at night – it just isn’t the same. And I couldn’t find my duckie or bear toys to play with, I think that cheeky little chappy from across the road has taken my toys, grrrr we must keep my gate shut, he comes and chews on my bones as well.

Then Rick packed my food and bed into his car, I was really puzzled – what woof is going woof here? We went for a big drive and after most of the day we stopped at a man’s house. Within a few minutes of getting out I knew I had been there before, we were in Mt Maunganui – but why? I was so confused.

Then I heard a familiar noise, it sounded like the motorhome, I sat quiet and still on the lawn watching, listening and smelling – I swear I could smell da mama and papa and then they were there, walking towards me and calling my name – woofy woofy yahoo.

Lots of friends both big and small at the NZMCA rally

We went and visited people and looked at motorhomes in lots of different places then drove down and stayed in a place called Whakatāne. We played with a girl, Josephine, and I explored where I was allowed to, then we went back to the motorhome for the night.

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We had to move early the next day and we went to a noisy place with big bubble things that went up in the air. I couldn’t believe it – I was left in the motorhome and mama and papa disappeared up in the air in the noisy machine. Woof woof not happy. I chilled out and watched people out the windows for a few hours, then had a bit of a nap ‘cause we got up so early, till they came back.

Then I got a big walk at another motorhome place, then again at a funny caravan place, it was really hot. “Home time now,” Papa said and it was a big drive time, I don’t mind that though when I hear the ‘home’ word. And we always stop somewhere new for me to sniff and leave messages along the journey. This time a new place called the Te Waihou Walkway, I went down with Papa to the water and had a drink; lots of people were walking on the track here by the look of all the cars in the carpark, then I heard Papa say. “Back in the motorhome” and the big drive home.

Ahhh lots of pats over the weekend

A few weeks later the motorhome was packed again, and my bed and food went in – yahoo I am going too. It was Easter time and we were off to the NZMCA rally in Whangarei, I have been to these a few times now so know what to expect. I met lots of new friends, played in the funny playground that was set up in a field of grass, had a hair trim and visited lots of friends over lots of days. It was terrific, so many pats and so much attention from people. I do like it when I’m allowed to work with mama and papa and they have my couch for me – it makes me a woofy woofy happy boy.

This Coastal Motorhome was interesting, I wanted to sniff out who had been there before

Now the not happy part of these few weeks. Some of my very special friends have gone away to heaven and I won’t see them again. I couldn’t believe it when da mama said my friend Max wouldn’t be at Dave’s anymore, then Laura came to work and said Polly won’t be coming to the office anymore, she was gone now too, most upsetting it was – we were all upset and woofy sad. Then I’m told a few days later that my friend Napoleon at Sue’s house in Piopio has gone to heaven as well. Thank goodness Josephine is still there, and my friends Sooty and John in Martinborough are still here, I see them all the time. I got a letter from Max’s dad, he said it was from Max to me before he left, so da mama thought I should share it will you all.

Miss you my old and wise friends.

I took shelter in the shade at Mike Well’s caravan place near Whakatane

Hi Caspar,

How are you lil’ buddy? I hope you don’t mind me sending you a copy of a letter I sent to my master of nearly 16 years. I just want you and your Mum and Dad and all those RV Lifestyle readers to know how very important that bond – that love, that loyalty – between a pet and their owner is. This is the letter I wrote to Dave:

‘I didn’t quite have the time or the energy to say goodbye to all my friends, or the neighbours or to visit my favourite pozzie under the tree where I would sit or lie, looking down the drive, waiting for you to come home at the end of the day. Those last few days were tough and each night, I’m sure I heard you say right into my deaf old ears; ‘It’s ok Max, sleep well and just sleep on if you want.’

‘I knew – and you knew – that my days were getting tougher and even though I could just see my ball and lead in the laundry, I didn’t have the strength to make use of either. But sometimes in my twitching dreams I could remember coming into your life and helping to make a house a home; could remember running like crazy in the park; chasing and catching my ball better than any All Black; reminding you with a tail thump on the car window that this was our corner to turn; hearing the rattle of the biscuit tin; sitting patiently outside the fish’n’chip shop knowing that you always ‘dropped’ a chip or two on the floor once home just for me; getting a ‘Gidday’ pat from your Mum and Dad with an extra treat sneaked my way; your reassuring hugs as I lay quivering on the floor while suffering one of my epileptic seizures; hosting doggie buddies like Georgia, Jay, Ollie, Vitol and Caspar; swims at the beach; loving the vacuum cleaner but hating the lawnmower; the anticipation of Christmas and birthdays and ‘helping’ to unwrap the pressies; rides in the car; sunsets and sensing your pain when you lost someone close.

Another new friend, this one had been to the groomers too maybe – smelt pretty good anyway

‘How’s the pantry? Do the biscuit tins still rattle and do you miss me standing by the fridge waiting for a piece of cheese? Do you still yell at the TV watching cricket or rugby? Do you still doze off in the Lazyboy? Do you miss my sparkling brown eyes or my muzzle that I would rest on your knee until you woke up for ‘bedtime?’ And I guess you’ll have to feed the birds without me.

‘I leave you with these memories and more – my wagging tail, my moist black nose, my quiet obedience, my total love of ANY food, my ‘blonde’ bits of fur on the floor; I leave you with our shared memories of family, friends, holidays, walks, car rides, illness, good weather, bad weather. I also leave you my loyalty, my devotion, my silent pride and my own special way of saying – ‘It’s okay.’

Max, 25th June 2002 – 26 January 2018

‘And I leave you our lessons learnt in love, patience, tolerance, understanding and a quiet dignity. I also leave you my rug, my collar and my lead because I want you to use them again when you feel the time is right – I don’t mind – and hey, don’t worry, I’m okay’.