We are perched in a high-rise building with a glimpse of the sea. Through the binoculars I see people in the building across the way, with headphones on, talking – people in cubicles, staring at screens. I notice one of the computer screens looks like the colour of my tax return. That’s interesting. “We are staying next door to the Inland Revenue,” I say to Rick.

“I should have brought my tax return with me. I could have dropped it off,” he replies. He’d just mailed his return as we left the village.

Night falls over the capital city Opposite page: We have a slither of a sea view from our hotel

Between two high-rise office towers I spot two cute little buildings with pitched roofs. “One is a fish and chip shop,” I say to Rick.

“Fish and chips for dinner then,” he says.

“No. Something more interesting please. I didn’t come to Wellington for fish and chips.”

Victorian villas with matchbox cars

I sip my rum and coke and watch a Bluebridge ferry steaming to the dock. There’s a lot going on in the vibrant capital city of Wellington, especially on Friday night as bars fill with people kicking off their weekend with a couple of TGIF drinks.

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