It seemed as though every tradesman in New Zealand was up to their eyeballs in work. That being the case I had to play the long game. When I discovered it had nothing to do with planning but more to do with waiting for my turn at the crease I stopped fretting. Actually, I took off to Norway to go dog sledding, followed by three weeks in the Mozambique bush where a Mexican standoff with armed poachers kind of put my life into true context. Some stuff you just can’t sweat.”

I had the local contractor excavate a Unimog pad for me at my bolthole in the Sounds. Can you spot what’s missing at the moment? Still, in all fairness, it does make an idyllic camping place to watch the sunset whilst sipping a local tipple

“Kayaking is something you’re gonna do in between swimming.” So said my Coast-to-Coast kayaking instructor as we sat perched on the banks of the Rangitikei River. Kind of left me speechless, which is an odd feeling for me. I guess she was none too impressed as she watched my disco-hips sway in a rather tippy race boat our first day out. Surely I’d get the hang of it? “You own and run a business Davey. You’re so used to saying ‘Do this’, and it just gets done. That doesn’t cut it out here on the rapids.”

To relieve a touch of anxiety over the build I went deep bush in Mozambique. At this ceremony the local witchdoctor cast a spell over our guns to keep us safe. I don’t care if you don’t believe in magic, ‘cos brother, I sure as hell do!

A direct comparison for me nowadays would be, “Building a Unimog camper is something you’re gonna do in between ripping your hair out.” You just can’t say ‘Do this’ and have it materialise.

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