The call from Marty of Marty’s Paint and Panel to get down quickly to check out a major issue uncovered by the sandblasting rocked me. What part of the Mog, I wondered, and exactly how bad was it? Which is precisely the moment Dave Dobbyn decided to lend the project a hand. Onya mate. His song The Optimist leapt out of the radio and changed my whole mindset. Whatever the sandblasting had found, I’d treat as a positive sign. Better to unearth it now than discover it while tearing around the backblocks sometime down the line.

It was the fuel tank. With more holes than a Springbok backline, it was clear that mere repairs wouldn’t cut it and that a visit to the guys at Roadrunner in Bulls was my best solution. I was already contemplating building an auxiliary tank, why not build two? They had the auxiliary tank loaded on their CAD system, so it was an easy ask to mirror the dimensions and build a second. Two tanks would give me a combined capacity of 320L in diesel and plenty of range to adventure. The visit to Roadrunner would also allow me to discuss my freshwater requirements.

By the time I arrived in Bulls the boys had started and were already well into the second tank! One of the buzzes of this project has been the privilege of getting behind the scenes and watching skilled craftsmen ply their trade. Ya gotta love this country!

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