For us, summer down in the far south only lasted a fortnight. While others around the country were facing droughts with their lawns becoming dustbowls, at the bottom of the country we were still mowing our lush green lawns and dealing with flooding. The high-pressure weather systems that seemed to overstay their welcome up north pushed wet weather systems along our southern flanks. So when our late ‘summer’ finally gave us some more settled weather, we, the Waka Wagoneers (it’s a name a few of us who live around Lake Wakatipu and enjoy camping together have coined for ourselves) sounded the bugle and charged our way into Otago’s interior.

Evening drinks with the Anglos

Our caravan leads out. It is Friday afternoon as we drive down a hot road with our little Anglo Imp caravan in tow. We pass Lakes Wakatipu, Dunstan and Roxburgh and park up at a much smaller pond known as Pinders, ironically located below the Umbrella Range.

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