Plenty of people have drowned here.” Mickey Ryan of Outwest Tours was showing us Constant Bay, a small rocky bay where a huge sea crashes on the rocks beyond its extremely narrow entrance.

Constant Bay, west of Charleston near Westport, is named after the first ship to enter its small confines. Charleston, where gold was discovered in 1866, was named after the Constant’s captain Charles Bonner, and was originally dubbed Charlie’s Town before being changed to its present name. The first harbourmaster’s house was built on the north side of the harbour entrance, called Flagstaff Hill after the flags that were flown to let ships know whether it was safe to enter. When a blue flag was raised, it signalled that it wasn’t safe to come into the harbour and, unusually, a red flag, traditionally the colour to specify danger, indicated that entry was possible.

We were delighted to see deer in the wild

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