When it comes to vehicle reviews I am a fan of first impressions backed up by a long sit down and a good look around. This is all very well in theory, but it seems I am not the only one with this preference. At show time everyone else seems to have the same idea.

It’s a double-edged sword at shows. On one hand you have the convenience of having all the review vehicles close at hand, and on the other, you have the crowds to compete with.

On day two of the busy Classic Events Motorhome Show at Mystery Creek, I did my best to arrive early. And I did have the good fortune to sit for a few minutes with Euro Mobil importers, Rainer and Edith Zeltwanger, before the crowds came to claim them.

I had chosen the Eura Mobil Profila RS 660 HB to review as I have a bit of a thing for small vehicles. After Rainer had been called away to another vehicle, I sat at the galley table to quietly take in all the features he had pointed out in a carefully crafted soundbite. He knows the vehicles well and he knows what is important to the buyer to grasp quickly.

First impressions: the Eura Mobil Profila RS 660 HB is big on features and small on size. It’s a four-berth with room around the galley table for seven people to happily socialise. And the reason for all of that extra space is not at first obvious.

I was grateful for the time Rainer had been able to spend with me, because many of the features of Eura motorhomes – and this one was no exception – are hidden. Take for instance the drop-down bed above the galley. It is so discreet and integrated that it looks to be part of the ceiling. At night it is easily deployed to be a second double berth. Love it!

I was also impressed by the layout of the aforesaid dining room (for a room – or roomy – it definitely is) where L-shaped café seating is augmented by the ever-present revolving captain’s chairs, plus a long bench seat that would easily accommodate a child for sleeping if the drop-down bed was not required.

The swivelling table also allows for plenty of options when dining or lounging around. Another impressive feature of the dining area is the hidden speaker system and the elegance of the LED lights. Lighting is a feature throughout. And daylight also floods the vehicle from the large overhead skylight.

Amidships is a pretty standard European galley comprising a three-burner hob and round sink with a large 175L refrigerator with inbuilt freezer. The real test of any galley arrangement is an on-road test, so I cannot vouch for its workability. With European galleys you ‘gets what you gets’ and it’s always a compromise for a cluttery cook like myself.

But when it comes to catering you will not be lacking anything for power in or power out. There are five well-placed 230V power sockets, two 12V sockets and three sockets for USBs. Add to that the 19-inch Avtex TV with a fully automatic KiwiSat satellite dish and a reversing camera, and you will be well-satisfied with the electronics package.

Opposite the bench and sink is what is a surprisingly decent bathroom setup with what looks to be a good-sized shower and toilet, backed up by 140 litres of fresh water and 100 litres of grey-water capacity.

But here’s where it again gets interesting, for me, at least: across the rear of the vehicle is the master bed, an east-west arrangement that is sure to suit many; the ‘garage’ under the bed is another plus-plus for those who like their toys. The bed can be lifted manually to a higher level if more room in the ‘garage’ is required.

The Profila RS 660 HB is a compact four-berth, with all of the bells and whistles, that is strongly made. You will not find any MDF here; it’s all marine-grade ply, strong, and one hopes, silent, on the road. All cupboards have soft closures, and the full GRP bodywork with high-tech glued edges offers wood-free walls. The motorhome comes with 10 years’ leak-tight warranty and a three-year furniture warranty.

The level, heated double floor offers great thermal capacity and also has hidden hatches for extra storage. A Truma 6E gas/electric will take you through all weather conditions with perfect climate control.

Under the bonnet is a 150hp Fiat Ducato Turbo Diesel engine with six-speed auto transmission; ABS/ESP with traction control, hill-holder and hill-descent control. To the uninitiated this means an especially intuitive drive which will feel like you have an angel on your shoulder when you hit the rough or encounter other difficult driving conditions.

So, in summary, from what I saw at the show I would say that the Eura Mobil Profila RS 660 HB with two double berths and a large lounge/dining area was one of the great buys for anyone looking for a family-friendly four-berth. It is compact and therefore manoeuvrable for people at all ages and stages; is well built and offers good value with great back-up from a reputable Kiwi vendor.


Short Specifications

Berths: 4

Length: 6.99m

Width: 2.32m

Height: 2.89m

Head height: 1.98m

Transverse bed: 2.11m x 1.35m

Pull down bed: 1.93m x 1.40m

Chassis: Fiat Low Frame

On-road weight: 3068kg

Payload: 432kg

Maximum weight: 3500kg

Battery: 80Ah Gel