Woof woof readers, a lot has happened since my last column.

Yes, it has been one of those woofy few months with plenty on. We did a big road trip in the motorhome. I love it when da mama and papa start packing things into the RV and I see my couch going in, and my food bowl and biscuits – it tells me straightaway I am going too – woofy woofy yap yap.

Brrr it was cold this morning, on the road again in the motorhome

We headed off in the dark, but after a few hours it was a sunny day and papa stopped on the Desert Road so I could have a sniff around and woof woof do what I need to do often. It was pretty cold outside so I had to have my coat on. Pity I don’t have snow boots coz my paws got woofy brrrr cold, but I still had fun.

Waiting in line for the ferry, this lady sat and patted me till we drove on

We went to our house in Martinborough. I love going there so much it is woofy woofy yapppa-dappa-do time, running up and down the fence-line talking to my mates. I get a good walk to visit mama and papa’s friends for breakfast while I catch up with Sooty. I do miss Martinborough.

I’ve driven this Kaikōura Coast road before

Then we went over the hill and waited in line to get on the big ferry boat. I am an old hand at this boat trip stuff now. I sat outside while we waited to load on, and a lady sat with me the whole time. I got so many cuddles and scratches I was over it by the time mama said “get back in your seat Caspie – we are loading up”. I don’t mind being by myself in the motorhome on the boat. It is dark, noisy and quite scary at first, but I have done it so many times I am not scared anymore.

This was a big fancy place mama and papa had lunch, I sat outside of course – damn

The drive to Layla’s house in Kaikōura is always different each time we go there, with lots of machines and people still working along the road. Sometimes papa lets me sit in his seat with him while we wait in line to go on the road, and mama takes lots of videos and pictures.

We stopped and visited another place in Christchurch – this one had Australian motorhomes mama said, and a nice man called Chris gave me pats

She reckons there are so many changes every time we drive down, it is cool to look back over all the work when she goes through her photos – yeah whatever, click click click on the camera she goes.

Lots of lovely smells out here – I took myself for a walk briefly in Christchurch city centre

We stayed the night in Kaikōura then drove down to Christchurch, and went to a new house to stay for the week. It was great there – my friend Jeffrey lives there with Dave and Jo. The last time I saw Jeffrey he was a young puppy with a wagging tail that got him in lots of trouble at our house, knocking drinks off the coffee table.

Eli, Georgia and Kaylie Torr gave me lots of pats

We went on big walks together with Jo, all over a big farm area. Jeffrey has a really big bed compared to mine and he shared it with me, though he nearly squashed me one night lying on top of me – yap yap get off, I said.

Charlotte O’Neil stayed for ages with me

We were in Christchurch so mama and papa could work at the motorhome show, and I was allowed to go to work as well. I met so many little people friends it was so much fun. Mama took photos of some of them playing with me. I really loved meeting them all, and they loved me, mama said – woof woofy great fun.

This little guy was nice to me too

A big drive back to the ferry, with a quick stop over in Kaikōura again, though we arrived in the dark and left really early, but I still got to play with the rabbits and Layla. It’s so much fun running around with the rabbits, though I still can’t get down the holes in the ground. I have tried digging and sticking my head in but just can’t fit. Can’t say I like how Layla plays with them though; she makes them cry until they don’t, and somehow I find bits of them all over the lawn, but they don’t move then – not for me, I like just playing and running.

I got so many cuddles at this show, it was awesome

Another trip on the ferry and back home to Martinborough for a few days, yap yap yahoo.

Then another big drive back to Pukekohe with a few stops on the way. In Taihape I made a new friend at the coffee cart place where we stop for a Caspie break. Her name was Elly, and I hope I get to see her next time we go through.

Oh oh, I better be careful with this little one

Since we got home it has been lots of work for mama and papa, with a few trips into town for a walk at the Viaduct. I am really good at walking on the big bridge now – I don’t shake and cry like I did the first couple of times – and we have friends at the food places who know my name and everything – woofy good times.

We stopped for coffee in Taihape by the train station. I met Elly and had a play and chat

On the weekends we often go to a market – lots of dogs, food smells and people at these. Our local Pukekohe market is good coz we only drive for a few minutes to get there. Others take an hour to drive to, but when we go to the Takapuna one I get a big play at the beach and Charlotte does too. She also goes on the big playground, but I’m not allowed in there though.

These guys were friendly pups at the Pukekohe market

Right now it is all cosy time for me. Mama and papa are in their offices working hard – all day and night it seems like. I’m not getting enough walkies I can grrrrr tell you now, but it is really wet and cold outside anyway, so I go from office to office to lounge room and wait for a smidgen of attention.

Papa and me at Takapuna Beach playground

Till next time woof woof bye.