It has been busy time again – I had to go to work with da mama and papa at another motorhome show. It is so cool I am allowed to be at some of these shows coz I get so many people come to visit me, pat me and some even take me walkies, it is terrific.

Cadets from L to R – Larsen, Nohe, Hall, Crouch, Bratton, Cadet Staff Sergeant Kohe, Cadet Philpot and Lance Corporal Walker. Volunteer workers over the show weekend, great job

But I must say after three days of it, even I was happy to get home. I slept for a couple of days mama reckons.

Sam and Nadia Johnston with mum and dad

I have a new ‘Lion’ haircut, what the woof that means I don’t know. All I do know is my butt got cold because my fur was too short there, while the hair around my neck was long and too hot. I don’t know what these guys are thinking sometimes, but Simone the groomer thinks I am great. No point in fighting these things, I learnt as a young pup to succumb to the inevitable with showers, but the blow dry and brushing is pretty woofy woof nice.

Danielle, Ben and Mikayla Harlick (L to R)

After the show we went away for a night in the motorhome, down to Tauranga, so not too far, but it was great to get away. I hadn’t seen my couch and bowl get loaded up for so woof long, I had forgotten how much fun it is.

Madison, Sophie and Lucas Roberts from Hamilton (L to R)

We stopped by and visited my mate Louie at his house near the beach, not that we had time for a beach run, but it was good fun racing up and down the section and eating his biscuits.

Hannah Thurlow had to work with mum and dad on the Central RV stand. I could so relate to her pain

Back home again and the next weekend I got left behind; grrr woof grrr I was so mad mama and papa drove away in the car and didn’t come back for days. Just as well that little Charlie likes me more now – she took me for walkies around the street to our park with her daddy. I guess it was okay really, but I do like to go everywhere they go, lots of sniffy good smells to be had, lots of places for me to leave my scent too – it is so much fun travelling as much as we woof do.

Ruby Barberkay came all the way from Raumati South to pat me

A couple of days ago I saw the signs; my couch was packed up, my bed as well – toys, water bowl – yes it looks like we are heading away again. It was pretty late in the day so I wondered where we would sleep that night woofy hmm? I found out much later when we stopped at what I know is the halfway mark at the Waiouru War Museum carpark.

Zoe Firth took me walkies, that was great

We have stayed here lots of times, so I know I get plenty of walkies if it’s not raining, and it usually means an early start driving for another half a day. And so it was – we woke up early and I welcomed the security people around the vans with a good bark bark bark morning welcome. Can’t understand why I got the “shhh quiet Caspie” tone so sharply.

These guys are part of our RV family now, da mama told me their names are Sharon and Wayne, they will help people get jobs she said

It was great when we got to home to Martinborough. I was jumping out of my skin mama said, as we drove into town. I wriggled and jumped down and out the door as soon as I was allowed – yahoo we are home. Woofy woofy woofy woof happy, so happy. Bark bark bark I go up and down the fence. For the next four days I barked myself hoarse talking to all my old mates, greeting every bird and cat on the property – yes I am back.

Charli is pretty good at taking me walkies when da mama and papa not here

Out for lunch is first order of the day, catching up with smells as we walked around the streets, then down to a new vineyard place for lunch. Weird little bunny at this place, but the seats and food were okay, so we all enjoyed the sun.

This rabbit just wasn’t right – maybe he thought I wanted to eat him. I would just run and play like I do with all his mates around the country, but he just won’t move

But alas a few days later I sensed a plot, I see mama and papa packing their bags, not the motorhome – something was going on. “Stay Caspie,” I was told by mama, “Uncle Pete will look after you while we go away for a few weeks.” Bark, whine, bark, woof, grrrrrr – what the woof are they saying?

I played with Bailey from Camper Care Insurance at the show, we meet regularly now at these events, it is good to be with another working dog (lol)

Out the door they went, driving away in a car with their bags, leaving me here with Pete, Laura and Ricky. Oh well I guess I will have to woof it up, put on my big dog boots and go bark and run up and down the fence. I am happy they have left me down here where I can play, jump through my own dog door to go in and out, and see my mates every day.

A weekend away to Tauranga in the motorhome means a visit to my buddy Louie. We have been mates since we were both puppies

Pete is great at walkies and chasing balls – in fact I think I am going to have a great holiday while mama and papa are away. I will let you guys know next time, woof woof have fun, be woofy kind, and don’t pee inside after a long drive – eek sorry Brian and Stacey, mama should have taken me walkies before I came inside.

It is so good to be back in Martinborough, never been to this place before though, I like it

Till next time – it’ll be Christmas time Pete tells me – I love that tree we get out for then.