live by the maxim that the journey should at least equal the destination. In the 55-odd years I’ve been ploughing about the country – often without aim, plan or a map – I reckon I’ve visited every town that has over half a dozen houses and still has a shop.

I love to drive along previously untravelled roads wondering where they’ll take me, and few things bring me more pleasure than exploring a ‘No Exit’ road just to see what’s at the end of it – I still find places and things that intrigue me.

So, when I decided to go to Invercargill in mid-January for the motor race meeting at Teretonga, it was logical that I would take some sort of alternative route from Oamaru to there – and back.

A normal person would take the perfectly acceptable route of SH1 and have pre-booked a motel at the other end. But, when it comes to travel, I’m not necessarily ‘normal’.

So, I decided to tiki-tour with a stopover somewhere on the way.

As with the journey, I think that stopovers should also be special events, so I decided to camp on the way there and back – and also in Invercargill itself; I make no apologies for my love of camping because it’s one of the greatest passions I have.

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