Merry Christmas to all our readers and industry family. It has been a busy year for the industry, and for us personally with lots of travel up and down the country. As it is Christmas I have cleared out the prize cupboard so check out the Win with RV Express below. As well as the Outland Garden and Fire package in the latest issue RV Travel Lifestyle, we have the latest release Lee Child book to giveaway, plus bodZhe is a new body and face wax product there are three packs to be won. Rene’s, Organic Kombucha and the latest Peanut butter Frooze balls have been released we have gift baskets to be won.

Travel safely over Christmas, be kind to each other, wave out if you see us out on the road.

Robyn Dallimore and Bruce Mountain .
Publisher – Editor

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Cool new summer product from Oztent, the Oztent Screen House Hex. The Oztent Screen House Hex is perfect for your next outdoor adventure. It easily pops into shape in seconds to provide you with shelter. An evolution from Oztent’s renowned Screen Rooms, the Screen House Hex features all-new ultra- tough mechanisms. Optional walls are available to Velcro to each side to provide extra protection from the wind and rain if needed. Also available is the Screen House, a smaller square version but still including all the great features.

For more information on the Oztent Screen House Hex visit


The next evolution in battery technology has arrived at Lusty and Blundell.

Lead Crystal® batteries can be discharged to zero volts, cycled more often, and have a longer service life. They recover to full rated capacity over and over again. These batteries offer resilience, are robust and high performing. Featuring a unique micro-porous super-absorbent mat (SAM), pure lead plates and a safe SiO 2 electrolyte solution, these batteries use less acid, no cadmium and no antimony, and are useable in a wider temperature range (-40C to 65C). Lead Crystal® batteries are up to 99 per cent recyclable and are classified as non-hazardous goods for easy transport by air, land or sea.

Lusty & Blundell leading marine distributors
P: 09 415 8303
33 Tawa Drive, Albany, Auckland

RV supplies myCOOLMAN

RV Supplies now stock the latest in portable fridge and freezer units. Powerful, robust and ready for any adventure, myCOOLMAN® fridges and freezers bring freshness to the New Zealand bush. Designed and engineered in Germany to suit demanding New Zealand conditions, myCOOLMAN® units offer versatility with a range of practical features and sophisticated technology for all who love life off the beaten track.

myCOOLMAN® fridges are equipped to go where the road takes you. Keep your food fresher for longer, with cutting-edge cooling tech and rule your campsite with their genius quality-of-life features. Only you decide when it’s time to head out, or pack up.



REDARC have just announced the release of their new range of 240V AC battery chargers.

REDARC has teamed up with Norwegian innovator DEFA to bring a co-branded battery charger range called SmartCharge into the Australian and New Zealand market. These are ideal for maintenance charging of batteries within a range of automotive applications.

The REDARC range of SmartChargers by DEFA are AC to DC battery chargers designed to automatically charge and maintain most 12V automotive starter and auxiliary batteries including lithium (LiFeP0 4 ). SmartCharge battery chargers are perfect for people to keep in their home and garage or anywhere where there is the need to charge a battery occasionally.

They are ideally suited for a wide range of applications, including cars, boats, motorbikes, scooters, lawnmowers and just about anything else with a small battery that isn’t used on a regular basis.

Available in four variants (4, 6, 8 and 10A) they are perfect for charging car, bike and boat batteries, and the 8 and 10A variants can be used to charge bigger batteries used in caravans, campers and RVs. The main advantage of the chargers in the SmartCharge range is that they recognise the type of battery that you are connecting to and adjust their charging process to suit the battery’s charge status, size and ambient temperature conditions. They also have a clear display, which shows the status of charge and battery charge level.

Simple to use and operate, the SmartCharge range have only one button – ON or OFF – with a user-friendly display that comes with an inbuilt backlight to improve legibility. Award-winning for their design and user friendliness, they are also rated to IP65 meaning they can be used in damp and outdoor environments. SmartCharge battery chargers are shockproof, spark proof and are protected against reverse polarity meaning that nothing can go wrong. They also have a practical integrated cable-storage solution, which allows the user to fasten the clamps to the unit when they are not in use meaning you no longer have to store your cables in a pile.

Speaking of the release, REDARC’s Manager Director Anthony Kittel said, “The addition of the SmartCharge range is a natural and logical fit to our existing power management product offerings. “Fuelled by the enthusiasm Australians have for recreational vehicles such as 4WDs, boats and motorbikes, people from all walks of life would benefit from the flexibility and ease that the SmartCharge range offer.

“REDARC teamed up with DEFA as we share similar values between our organisations including a focus on continuous improvement, perpetual innovation and most importantly a drive to deliver great products of the highest quality,” he added.

DEFA operate out of Billingstad, Norway. Founded in 1946 they employ over 400 staff over three continents with products and services distributed in more than 30 countries worldwide. They provide a range of innovative products and services centred around charging, pre-heating and security of vehicles.

Bård Klungseth, CEO of DEFA Group said, “The goal was to develop and manufacture the best battery chargers on the market in terms of quality, simplicity, efficiency and safety. We have seen major growth in market share in Europe and are pleased to be introducing these products to the Australian market with a professional and recognised partner such as REDARC.”

SmartCharge battery chargers are covered by a five-year warranty. To learn more visit

Walkabout Rentals & Sales celebrates 20 years.

Walkabout Rentals & Sales celebrates their 20th birthday in January 2019, After hiring a motorhome a long time ago, Shane and Noelene Smale realised it was what they enjoyed, so they bought a motorhome – but only used it occasionally. Noelene worked in a bakery at the time, and one of her co-workers gave her what turned out to be a magic book for Shane to read, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

Shane picked up the book, read half of it, and realised the motorhome in the driveway was a liability sitting there doing nothing. Noelene thought Shane was brainwashed and in a trance when overnight, with just one motorhome, he started Walkabout Rentals – and it has kept growing since.

Shane says he started with the reliable Fuso six-berth motorhomes that are bulletproof as rentals, and when the supplier of these became difficult he looked offshore for a European vehicle to meet the demands of European hirers coming to New Zealand. What better place than Italy and Fiat Ducato – 85 per cent of motorhomes sold in Europe are on a Fiat-based chassis, and of course European hirers are very familiar with European motorhomes.

Shane then travelled to Italy to look at various brands and manufacturers and really liked the whole package of the Ci motorhome – the background of the company, their 37-years’ experience building motorhomes, and the numbers they build per year (some 6500).

Shane says it took some time to acquire the Ci dealership – they wanted financials and references – but as a long-established rental and sales company, back in 2013 they were finally granted the only official Ci dealership in New Zealand. Since then Ci visited our shores (in 2017) and the question was asked who is this Ci Munro we have heard about (identical logo back then). Shane laughed and said don’t worry about it – no longer trading.

Every June, Shane and Noelene travel to Italy to the Ci dealer conference to see the new models and make changes in the factory to meet New Zealand standards. The hard part of it he says is being forced to sample the Chianti every year. The Italians are great to work with – they now understand Kiwi humour, which is a must to make progress in a working environment.

Shane says Kiwis love all the toys that are included on their motorhomes, with everything high spec and definitely no hidden surprises.
Walkabout Motorhome Rentals & Sales 20th birthday is being celebrated in January 2019, and it is still a family-based business – Shane says most people prefer that personal service. He says it’s not just a job – you must have a passion for what you do, and listen to what people want.

But no matter what your goals are in life, to get there, everyone should read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad.
Branches Auckland and Christchurch P: 09 833 1163

RSE have been designing RV systems for 14 years now.

From humble startup in the home garage to sales now in excess of 10,000 TV/DVD systems, RSE continue to lead from the front and are New Zealand’s largest and longest-established motorhome and caravan entertainment provider, with systems ranging from their original 11-inch TV screens to their latest eighth generation series with twin tuner, FM, Bluetooth, and ability to read all types of pay-to-view cards to access your sports and movies. RSE were also the first mobile-entertainment company in the world to incorporate a built-in satellite system into a TV, and continue to lead from the front with their R&D. While other brands are still using their fifth generation platform, RSE are now developing new products for the marketplace. Designed by Kiwis for Kiwis.

With both the market-leading SamY automatic satellite dish and their Southern Cross series of auto antennas for both motorhome/caravan and marine applications, RSE can offer a wide range of options. “Our signal is as strong as our reputation,” says the team at RSE.

RSE was the first company to introduce a 12V Sound Bar for those wanting more sound, and Bluetooth headphones that connect wirelessly to the TV for private or impaired hearing. Along with all of this came the development of our set-top boxes for Freeview and pay-to-view sport and movies, and now the release of their new Smart TV Box that gives the user all the options of the internet TV in their motorhome and pairs up with the NZMCA Wireless Nation Data, a partnership RSE are proud to have helped develop.

Also available, a complete range of reversing and traffic vision cameras with a wide range of monitor options, and camera adaptor patches to upgrade existing systems to suit the RSE camera and monitor range.

RSE have just released their new motorhome/caravan radio designed specifically for the RV market with a 6.2-inch touch screen, rotary volume knob, large easy-touch icons and screen display with fitting kits for Fiat, Merc, Ford and Universal installations – all designed with the New Zealand RV demographic in mind – and RSE recently added their well-received 12V Icemaker to the product list.

With 2019 just around the corner RSE have spent the winter developing an exciting range of products that will be released at the NZMCA National Rally in February and also at the Covi Supershow in March.

Along with all of these products RSE are known for their high standard of customer service. Their service department of 11 technicians and customer service manager ensure a great customer experience. RSE still have the ability to service and repair even their first-generation products and continue to support second, third and even fourth owners of their product. An example of this is RSE’s ongoing commitment to offer free channel updates on all of their product range.

RSE have also developed an innovative motorhome electronics repair service in-house with qualified staff carrying out a wide range of service and repairs on late-model RV operating systems. They have come a long way in the 14 years that RSE have been operating and are committed to an exciting future leading the RV entertainment industry.

P: 0800 6398 2274
Spartan Road, Takanini, Auckland


Modern, innovative, durable, and designed and manufactured right here in New Zealand, the new Action Everland R725 motorhome from Action Manufacturing is the company’s first foray into the motorhome retail market. Part of the Tourism Holdings Group, Action Manufacturing have been the leading builder of motorhomes and campervans in the Southern Hemisphere for over 25 years.

Action Manufacturing have built more than 15,000 tough rental motorhomes for the likes of Britz, Maui and Kea – the Everland R725′s systems and technology employed have been tested over millions of kilometres.

On the road, the Action Everland R725 is powered by the 110kW Renault Master engine coupled to a front-wheel drive and automatic transmission that provides a low-profile chassis configuration meaning a lower centre of gravity, reducing body roll and also providing an easy step up into the motorhome itself.

What’s more, because of its compact size and 3500kg weight, the Everland R725 can be driven with a standard New Zealand car licence and only requires a regular Warrant of Fitness – rather than a COF.

With seating and sleeping for four people, the Action R725 features an innovative angled slat bed with a clever tilting backrest, giving users an expansive bed at night that adjusts to provide extra space during the day. Below and above, storage abounds including full-height wardrobe.
The R725 features a separate shower and toilet, large fridge, microwave, TV, space heating and class-leading storage. With solar power and larger freshwater and grey water tanks, this home away from home is luxurious as well as environmentally friendly.

At the end of the day when parked up at a campsite, swivelling seats and luxurious bench seating combined with a clever swing-out removable table, provide the perfect setting for eating and entertaining.

Above, you’ll find a Fusion sound system and LED lighting throughout and when it’s time to hit the road, the bench seating includes seat belts for two passengers.

Packed with further technology the Action Everland features a C-I Bus digital system. With easy-to-use touch-screen controls users can adjust lighting inside and out, monitor the water system and battery use, and control the on-board space heating.

The Everland R725 also features Action Manufacturing’s innovative Omnipanel in its construction. Made from Styrofoam sandwiched between fibreglass, Omnipanel is stronger, lighter, and has water resistance and thermal qualities beyond anything else on the market.

Add to that the Everland’s Omnipanel floors are fully sealed to prevent moisture or dust compromising the vehicle’s integrity – for passenger comfort.

The Omnipanel body allows Action Manufacturing to employ industry-leading aerodynamics in the form of a curved roof. This combined with the lighter weight of Omnipanel results in class-leading fuel economy. Tested in real world scenarios, Action’s transport vehicles featuring the same style aerodynamic roof have achieved fuel savings upwards of 15 per cent over traditionally shaped vehicles.

Prices for the Action Everland R725 start at $139,500 for the base model.

Gross Vehicle Mass: 3500kg
Dimensions (mm): 7203(L) x 2271(W) x 2991(H)
Weight: 3105kg incl. fuel (unladen)
Seats: two in front cab, two in second row seating
Beds: four-berth
Freshwater storage: 110L
Grey water storage: 110L
Cab colour: white
Engine: four-cylinder, 2.5L turbodiesel
Power: 110kW
Torque: 360Nm
Gearbox: six-speed auto manual
Fuel tank capacity: 100L
Driven wheels: front
Rear wheel configuration: single
Traction control: Grip X-Trend
Stability control: Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
Cabin seat finish: cloth

For information contact Grant Brady at Action Manufacturing

Past Tense by Lee Child

The most hotly anticipated thriller of 2018 follows our hero Jack Reacher on a quest into his father’s past, and climaxes in the most blood-curdling ticking time bomb of an adventure yet.

The present can be intense …
A young couple trying to get to New York City are stranded at a lonely motel in the middle of nowhere. Before long they’re trapped in an ominous game of life and death. But the past can be worse …

RRP $30.00 – Penguin
Click here to enter.

René’s Kombucha

René’s Kombucha announces organic certification; to celebrate the occasion we have a mixed box of René’s Kombucha valued at $92 to be won.
Not all Kombucha is created equal – taste the difference! Crafted by one of the first genuine Kiwi brewers, brewing commercially for over five years. More info at

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Nut Butter Frooze Balls

Just when you thought healthy Frooze Balls couldn’t get any tastier, along comes delicious new Nut Butter Frooze Balls with three decadent, mouth-watering flavours oozing with a creamy peanut butter centre!

We have three Nut Butter Frooze Ball gift-baskets to give away, enter here.

Frooze Balls are the ultimate plant-powered snack! They are made solely from fruit and nuts, are raw, preservative free, dairy free, GMO free and contain no refined sugar. They are the ideal energy boost for active people, as recovery fuel while training, or even as a yummy little morsel with your morning tea. And Frooze Balls are committed to ensuring these healthy snacks are not just good for you, but they are delicious also!

Frooze Balls have included a pottle of their handcrafted peanut butter, the nut butter used in their new Nut Butter Frooze Balls range, for you to enjoy.

They make their own peanut butter to ensure it is nothing but 100 per cent peanuts.
New Nut Butter Frooze Balls filled with creamy nut butter are the best thing since sliced bread (with peanut butter)!

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Manufactured in New Zealand, the bodEze Body Sugaring Gel is a hair removal gel that has enhanced the age-old tradition of sugaring with the additives of kiwifruit and aloe vera to remove unwanted hair from the roots effortlessly – for smooth, hair-free skin that lasts up to six weeks.

• Less breakages and ingrown hair.
• Easily washes away in water.
• Gentle on all areas of the body.
• Less discomfort than waxes.
• Long-lasting results (for 4-6 weeks).
• Reduces hair regrowth.

bodEze strips are reusable and feature all natural ingredients.

While the basic ingredient for many sugaring products is refined sugar, the bodEze sugaring gel is a unique formulation of this and other natural plant and fruit extracts. The unique combination gives the product its gel-like consistency and serves to moisturise and nourish the skin.

Kiwifruit extract is known for its emolliency, hydration, bio-energising activity, cutaneous tonicity and clearing effects. This fruit is renowned for its remarkable medicinal virtues. It contains proteins, calcium salts, iron, phosphor and a very high quantity of vitamin C.

Lemon juice has astringency, antibacterial, antiseptic activity, cutaneous tonicity and sebum-regulating properties.

Aloe vera soothes, cools, and seals in moisture. Its high water- and mineral content make it ideally suited for use as a skin cream.

More information at

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Outland Living Firebowl and Vertical Garden

Outland Living’s firebowl provides the perfect outdoor centrepiece for camping trips, RV travels, tailgating get-togethers, beach parties, and family evenings on the backyard patio. This all-weather firebowl is compact, easy to transport and delivers a clean and smokeless flame with cosy warmth and beautiful evening ambience.

With its durable, high-quality steel construction with protective enamel finishes for dependable longevity, superior stainless steel burner and fasteners, the Outland Living firebowl is built to last.

The complete firebowl kit includes a cover and carry kit, pre-attached 3m hose, fully adjustable regulator with chrome valve knob for varying flame height, and a 2kg natural lava rock set.

Outland Living also supply vertical gardens – and their Deluxe Garden Design 301 is a beauty. Constructed from powder-coated steel with stainless steel screws, this vertical garden features a cascading drainage system that allows water to flow from the top down to each succeeding row to ensure all plants are adequately watered and no stagnant water remains.

Built with high-quality materials to ensure stability of the combined weight of soil, water and plants, the garden frame and planter boxes are both weather resistant making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The Ratan Garden Design 300 features a quality espresso-brown covering and this vertical garden has an individual watering system with float to show fluid level. This system allows for the garden to be used indoors.

Outland Living’s vertical gardens are a breeze to assemble – all sets come with simple and easy-to-follow instructions. Perfect for tight spaces, each garden is 1.8m high while the hanging plastic box container is 80cm wide.

WIN an Outland package of an Outland portable Firebowl and Garden Design system Deluxe valued at $299, and choose a Garden Design system – valued at $395.

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MTA100 Collector hard cover edition

Written by Allan Dick this hard cover publication relates the history of the motor vehicle in New Zealand, hand in hand with the history of the Motor Trade Association. Written to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the MTA this is a fantastic read and highly recommended for anyone with an interest in cars and history, order your copy or to give a gift of a copy read here.