We are stuck at home again and working, with the vehicles all parked up, woof woof a bit sad. For a while there, we were away so much I didn’t know where I would be sleeping next.

Bed in the motorhome is pretty cosy

I got that winter haircut I talked about last issue. So nice it was too, and good to be able to wear my cute little winter coats outside again. The new motorhome was packed with my car seat, food and water, and da mama and papa put in lots of clothes, blankets and stuff – yip yip yippy we are going away. Soon I got the word, “Come on Caspie we are going home, in you get.”

Nice to have lunch at the Martinborough Hotel again

We headed off and drove for hours, with a couple of stops along the way for walkies and food. After what seemed arf arf forever, mama said “we are in Marty, Caspie, nearly home.” I perked up looking out the windows and suddenly realised where we were, home – my real home – yip yippy yippy yip. We drove up the driveway and I couldn’t wait to jump out and get to the fence.

This is a stony beach at Ngawi, lots of smells and funny bulldozers

I went crazy running around the place for a while, then I sniffed Pete and I was inside tearing around the house, checking that everything was the same – yes, there was my chair by the window, ready for me to sit in and watch everyone walk by – so woof woofy great to be home.

What a great time with these guys, all my size and colour - so much fun. Jaspar had an operation so got growled for jumping, Murphy was fun, I didn’t catch the other one’s name

We stayed home so long, lots of walkies up town, eating out for breakfast and me sniffing out and meeting all sorts of my old mates, so great. We went for a drive and stayed at Ngāwī. We have been there lots of times, and I had a blast with the other doggie mates staying in their motorhomes. Mama took lots of video. You can watch it through the links Cam will put on my page at the end. Great place to run around, local doggies and visitors too, big beach and boats to see, and sometimes we went further along the dirt road to see the big seals – and baby seals too sometimes but not this time.

Waiouru - trip back to Auckland in the car, not as comfortable as the motorhome

Then the motorhome disappeared when another man Allan took it away. That was okay coz mama and papa did lots of work in the office anyway. We went to Masterton and caught up with my mate Paua and his dad Matt Paku. They fed the eels in the stream, and Matt told mama about the eels taking the cat for a ride into the middle of the water, but she scratched them and got away. I took one look over the edge at them attacking the fish scraps and thought – arf arf ruff yip bow wow no – I am staying clear of them.

I do liked meeting Raumati Lee and Tiarere Paris, they gave me lots of pats

Soon the motorhome came back, and mama and papa packed our gear and it was time to head off. I always hate leaving Uncle Pete coz he is so awesome. I don’t mind when I get to stay at home with him when mama and papa have gone away for weeks. It is great to be allowed to bark and run up and down the fence – it is my territory, my back yard and I talk to every single dog that comes by if I want, not like the home in Auckland.

At Pōkeno checking out the motorhomes, so many other doggies there too

On the big drive home we had a few stops, but missioned it in one day. Papa was talking about how great it was to drive this new motorhome – he said it was going much faster than our older one – but I like the other motorhome though, coz it has a seat for me in the middle in the front where I can see easy and can help papa drive around the corners when he needs it. In this one I have to sit in my car seat, belted in with not much to see – not happy.

A few busy work days, and a big long walk in the Viaduct. We went around a big wharf to the end, where I could see the boats across the other side, then we walked into the city more and I was allowed to go into the new shopping precinct – well that’s what mama called it. Mama and papa were really surprised doggies were allowed in there, I wasn’t the only one. There were really fancy shops, and I went on an escalator for the first time. But then I got put in the car and they went back, I smelt the food when they returned, grrrr I missed out.

On another working day, I was allowed to go to Pōkeno where I met lots of people and their doggies at Zion Motorhomes. All the doggies I met were RV travellers as well, and I wondered if I will meet them again somewhere around the country – probably says mama. Mama and papa took a cool new motorhome away for a drive to take photos for the magazine.

Another weekend we went for a trip down to Whakatāne mama said. We stayed on a farm overnight with Sarah and her kids and doggies. I was a little intimidated at first meeting these new mates but it was okay – at least until the next day when they decided to have a bit of a fight between them. Thank goodness papa picked me up quick smart and whisked me away, coz I could have been mincemeat between those two big boys. I got to ride on Josephine’s little horse too. It was crazy being put on there. I had a bit of a mutter to the horse arf arf woof, and it scraped its foot in reply and stayed still. Not something I want to encourage, but tick that off my list – ride a horse.

I got lots of walkies around Whakatāne, nice places to go, lots to explore and sniff, and of course tasty food to be had. On the way back home we stopped at Mac’s place in Tauranga. Little Finn is walking now so I got lots of attention from him, and Mac and I hung out around the garden when I got tired of being pulled and prodded.

Always great to catch up with Louie in Katikati

The last few weeks have been boring, mama and papa back on their computers, mama spending lots of time in the motorhome working – staying away from Charli she tells me – I know what she means; the constant nanny, nanny, nanny can be distracting. I go with her sometimes, and while mama taps I sit on my cushion in the back seat and nap. She gave me the prod today and set me up to get this column done, time to get this puppy to bed she said. Puppy? What puppy, where is it woof woof??

There is a motorhome show coming up in October, and I will be going again this year – the Mystery Creek venue is good like that. I hope lots of my friends will come and see me coz I get so many pats and loves at the shows. Oh wait – will they be allowed to pat me now, will mama let them – I will have to ask – all this talk about being safe, and people in the street not allowed to pat me in recent months, I don’t know what will happen.

Take care, woof woofy arf arf to you all.



Letter to Caspar

Woof woof to you Casper,

I’ve got my paws crossed to win the Interislander Ferry Voucher so we can visit the mainland!

I have filled in my competition entry attached (Answer:  Page 39)  and a photo of me in my motorhome.  Don’t think this is going to be my permanent seat!

My mum and dad just took possession of a lovely motorhome yesterday and arrived home to find your magazine and competition waiting in the letter box.  They are very very excited to set up their new little house and get on the road, with me of course!

Mum loves reading all the great stories in your magazine and, of course, what Casper is up to, usually with me keeping her knees warm.


Love from Charlie the Cavoodle…

and Heather (Mum) and Peter Restall (Dad)