Going on holiday is a time to toss your worries aside, relax and unwind. However, having to leave your loyal canine companion(s) behind may cause the exact opposite; feelings of anxiety and stress can develop (for you and the pets).

But the good news is, holidaying with pets is achievable and lots of people are happily doing it. We have met many people who travel with dogs, cats, and even birds. Some were on holiday, while others were living full time on the road.

Oakly strolling through the buttercups

When we announced to friends our plan to live full time in our fifth wheeler, the usual response was, “But what about your dogs?”

It’s never been an option not to include our dogs (Oakly, Paddy and Boo). We appreciate travelling with three dogs may cause some restrictions – plus a fair amount of organising. So we researched and spoke to people already on the road with pets.

Ann Mair holidays in her brand new 5.95-metre Ford Benimar Tessoro with her much-loved bichon frise ‘Soots’.

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