Hi there, woof woof
I couldn’t believe it when da mama said it was time to write to my friends for the magazine, I have been so woof woof busy travelling and having fun I don’t know where to start – it seems like we’ve been away in the motorhome for ages.

We had friends come to stay at home after my last story – a little person called Chloe and her mum came to stay; and they came with another little friend called Toffee, a little wee bunny rabbit da mama said. Woof woof, I got really excited by this visitor, especially when it was let out of its cage and it ran around madly. I loved this and ran around behind it as well. I got the ‘NO Caspar LEAVE IT’ from da mama a couple of times so I knew I wasn’t allowed to chase it, or pick it up in my mouth and shake it. Ooh it was so hard to resist doing that at first ’cos Toffee looks just like my favourite friend bear that I have played with since I was a puppy. I heard da mama saying I was not allowed to pull the head off Toffee as I had done with bear; a bit mean, that was an accident when I was really little, woof woof, grr. I’m not that silly now! I love bear, but Toffee is the same size and colour so I am real careful when we play. At first I was woof woof scared to get in trouble so I wouldn’t look at Toffee as he ran around me in circles, and when he started to jump over me and paw at my tail that was really hard – I had to run off outside so I wouldn’t get in trouble. Toffee came and went for a couple of weeks, then that Chloe and her mum left and Toffee stayed with us.

Da papa and I had great fun. He let me drive out a driveway before I got harnessed in, woof woof, fun

Then mama and papa started to put stuff into the motorhome; my couch went in, my bed and even bear went in, woof woof. That was weird ’cos we don’t usually take my toys away in case they get lost, and Toffee was loaded into her cage and put in the back – he was coming too, so weird I couldn’t understand it all woof. Then I got the whistle from da mama and it was time for me to get my harness on, buckle up in the front and we headed off, going to see that other baby girl Charlotte I heard. ‘OH NO’ I thought.

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