Woof woof welcome, it has been a couple of months since my last column, and boy have we been so woof woof busy.

This place is pretty cool, I like the view from here

It has been nice and sunny at home so plenty of walkies when we have been there. On Wednesdays I get a lot of attention if we go to Kitchener’s to visit Sooty and others, while da mama and papa sit inside, usually eating without me, woof groof not happy, but sometimes I get a bit of egg or bacon. Mama says it’s trainee copper day whatever that means – so many bright yellow vests around, they must have to be seen easily these people. Funny mama and papa like these people here, but not when we see them on the road and they stop us to talk – they don’t usually like that – woofy woofy weird.

Caspar and Lox having a great time together on the beach

We had visitors come to stay as well. This is always great coz we take them out to my favourite beach at Ngawi, explore the bull -dozers and do all our favourite walks, and as always a photo at the vineyard café mama and papa used to own – thanks Marty and Barb for the woof woof fun.

Another older friend we visited – Jacko with his dad John in Blenheim

But I haven’t been at home much. We loaded up the motorhome and thankfully, when my bed and couch went in, I knew I was going too – woofyay woofyay I thought.

Every Wednesday it is the same in Martinborough, lots of these cars and people with hats and bright yellow tops on

A big drive and stopover at Waiouru, – a regular walkies spot for me, I know it well – then on to visit da mama’s favourite girl in the world as she tells me, then another drive up to a house at a beach called Waiwera, and two other dogs for me to meet, Lox and Dink.

I was super confused for a day or so here – their mama and papa went away and we stayed there for a week. Woof Woof woofy such fun, that Lox is a young jack-in-the-box jumper so she was getting into lots of trouble jumping over the fence – not me there is no way my legs are long enough for that. We got to go for a big run three or four times a day, meeting other dogs on the beach and playing, it was the best holiday ever. Except the sleeping situation – I know we were at their house, but having two other dogs in our bed was a bit much. I sleep at the foot of the bed, but these two got inside it with mama and papa – I was a bit jealous initially but Lox said it’s their bed and this is how they roll. Okay I got over it, woofy woofy funny to sleep in a pack.

I got lots of pats from this lady Mandy while da mama and papa were busy

On the way home we visited Charli again of course, woofy woof – nearly got that cat woofy haha, try again next time. Then we spent the day in and out of motorhomes, papa with his black box taking photos, mama talking talking woofy woof talking to people, so tiresome. But I did get lots of attention from a lady called Mandy at the big TrailLite place while they were busy, nice.

On the way home another stopover and walkies in Pokeno. Mama was fascinated by these rubbish bins – just another pit stop for me but she thought they were cool, woofy weird.

I had been miserable and in pain, but after a bit of rest following the vet I got much better fast

A few days later at home I had a bit of an accident running around the section. Not sure how, but I hurt my dew claw – yap yap yappy painful – and I couldn’t walk on it. Mama and papa noticed quickly and it was straight to – you guessed it – the vet. I know this place so well now so I know I will come out better than I went in, but still I get scared. This time I got the lovely ladies, papa said, a bit of a needle in my vein and I went to sleep. When I woke up I felt better straightaway and could tell my glands had been cleaned out again – I’m good with that, my claw was fixed and I’m sure my teeth felt amazing, woof weird, but I was good to go again.

Out for the count, need to get my front paw fixed

A bit of quiet time for a couple of weeks then we got more visitors – Jo and Dave came to stay a night with their puppy dog Jeffrey. He may have been a youngster but he was huge, and I was a bit cautious at first but we got along great. I noticed he was a bit much for da papa when Jeffrey knocked his drink onto the carpet – his tail threatened to swipe everything off the coffee table, haha woof woof was a bit funny watching it all. I stayed out of the way as the kid wreaked havoc around the place, popped my favourite ball toy, squashed plant beds woof woof funny.

Lovely ladies looked after me at the vet, thanks

Then I see the motorhome being loaded up again; seriously are we off again I’m thinking? Yes my bed is in, and we head off over the hill and park by the big boat – ah I know what’s happening, we are going on the Interislander and that means a big trip over the water. When we got there it was walkies for me, then we went and stayed the night at friends – another mate of mine Jacko lives here in Blenheim, on a vineyard, so lots of exploring to do. Jacko is much older than me but is always nice to me when we visit.

Jeffrey was a big bounding baby, and flattened the garden and ball

The next day we were off again, this time a few hours’ drive to our friends in Kaikoura. I knew going up the driveway we would be seeing Leila – she is another older friend who welcomes me to her house. Once again I got quite confused as her owners Dave and Lynn put their bags in a car and they left and we stayed there. Mama said we were looking after Leila while they had a holiday, woofy yaya yahoo. This place is fantastic, so much to explore, I can disappear into the gardens, run around with the llamas, goats and chickens out the back, though I get a major growl if I chase the chooks – don’t know why, they run fast enough, woofy woofy haha, but I don’t. I have found some bunnies to play with though. I play with friends’ bunnies up north but they live in a house – these ones seem to live in a dirty hole in the ground, I tried to dig myself into it to visit them but that got me quite dirty and a telling off. Still a great time running around with the rabbits, they run so fast.

A good walkies around Pokeno village, mama made me sit here she thought this was interesting, - go figure!

We are still here for another week mama says, sitting on the clifftop looking at the big water out the front, and running out the back in the paddock. Out the back there are huge mountains with white stuff on the top – mama calls it snow and it is very cold.

Driving onto the Interislander Ferry, you’re going to leave me in here aren’t you, I asked mama

Goodness knows where we will go from here, but I will tell you next time, take woofy woof good care out there.