If you’re reading this magazine, you either have an RV of some description, are a camper who wants to upgrade, or are planning to get into the RV or camping market for the first time and are looking for inspiration. It doesn’t matter which of those categories you fit into, I would hazard a guess that over 50 per cent of you currently have, or are seriously contemplating bringing that symbol of whimsical relaxation and carefree travel around the neighbourhood – the bicycle – back into your life. I know – who would have thought that the onset of middle age or, indeed, retirement age would mean that many of us feel the urge to get more physical and take on new challenges for our bodies by throwing a leg over a bicycle seat and then actually pumping those pedals as we ride down tracks, through stunning natural forests, along stunning coastlines, or even around our home town or city. Or perhaps just a quick trip to the local café in your Lycra (hopefully not!) to meet new bike buddies.

Part of the A2O cycleway on the way to Duntroon

I am the youngest of seven kids, with just over ten years between me and my big brother Pete. My big bro’ retired last year, and moved to the beach as planned. The next thing I saw on his Facebook was a mountain bike. Yep, there he was hitting the trails with my nephew, Kelly, ripping it up on the Motu Trails on Grade 2 and Grade 3 trails. Now I hear he and wife Sue have bought a caravan and it is being fitted with solar panels and bike racks, before they hit the road.

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