You won’t miss us on the road – our new RV has been graphic wrapped all over and we are looking really good.

  • RnR 1 was our four-berth 2005 ex-Maui rental motorhome 6 months
  • RnR 2 TrailLite gave us a treat with a 1997 model for 6 months
  • RnR 3 Kea Dreamtime from RV Supercentre 6 months
  • RnR 4 2005 Mitsubishi Canter ex UCC rental – our first purchase in 2013 and current RV.

This is our first fixed island bed to actually ‘live’ with as well travel with. It’s pretty comfortable, though you have to slightly push on the mattress to get around the sides of the bed for entry; a step up to the bed area each side; the wheel wells are pushed out on the edges and low profile, but still need to be stepped over on the sides.

I don’t mind the step up here; you have space from putting your feet on the floor to move to the step so acceptable. Mini LED spotlights and reading lights in this area – looks pretty and nice atmosphere-wise but I am finding there is not actually enough real light when you need it. Sitting up in bed watching TV is fine when it is swivelled from the front dining area. Wardrobe on one side of the bed, cupboard with shelf storage on the other. I am impressed with the volume of the shelf storage – I can slide my small carry-on luggage bag right in there. I don’t have to unpack straightaway if it’s a quick trip away, and everything is tucked away. I could also lift the bed and put in storage under there, but this is easier.

Nick Baker from Star Insurance, with Bailey the Camper Care Insurance mascot - Bruce and Robyn picking up the vehicle after graphic wrapping

The front cab seats swivel to the dining area. There is one forward-facing dinette seat with fixed seat belts, and a second side bench seat on the right of the entry door, which is on the driver’s side of the vehicle. This is our first vehicle with the entry door on this side, and I have to tell you it is taking some adjusting to – I’m not going to lie about it. Even putting the electric step out when parked on the side of the road needs consideration, let alone stepping up and down into the vehicle. We are adjusting though – it just needs practice when you are used to having left side entry.

The dining table slides for manoeuvrability, has a second swivel table underneath to expand its use, and can be removed and placed in the exterior boot storage. Again, our first time using this type of sitting area extensively. It’s certainly more restricted than our Mitsubishi truck motorhome where the rear lounge area seated eight people at times; this is cramped and feels packed with five people in there. Watching TV is most accessible to people seated in the front cab seats as it is fixed to the wall behind the dinette seating, and the single sidewall seat. But the TV does unhook and can swivel to the rear area. There are two rail LED spotlights above the window here and one above the table (one is missing). We will need to invest in more of these removable lights as it is nowhere near good enough lighting for us oldies.

Standard Fiat cab for the day; does have cruise control, which is great, 2 x 12V charger ports so you can USB charge. Rear-view camera on the mirror, external mirrors electrically adjusted

The kitchen is compact with just a three-burner gas hob and sink-unit-sized bench, fridge underneath one side, and four drawers beside it. Two overhead locker storage shelves above. Lighting is dismal, and you need to aim the one spotlight from the dining table across to the kitchen to have any hope of seeing inside the overhead cupboards at night. Extra LED strip lighting is on our list for kitchen area, dining area and bedroom.

The bathroom is really cool. It has lots of storage behind the toilet area, and the light switch is behind the toilet. Finding the light switch is something of a trademark in these models.
A vanity sink with shelf, under-sink storage cupboard and lots of mirrors to look at yourself as required. Initially you wonder where the shower is but soon work out to open a latch, move the wall to the right by swivelling it around and it covers the toilet area to reveal the shower fittings and fixtures, Simply pull the curtain across the door to keep the water flow in and you’re away laughing. Cool idea, we like it. Also like having a heater air vent in here and a clothesline to pull out, dries the room, airs the towels, dries shoes and can dry washing – awesome.

LED mood lighting abounds throughout nice for atmosphere, big side windows offer great views, are double-glazed with blinds and fly screens. The auto-satellite dish controller is above the wardrobe in this area

Externally, the rear boot is great with plenty of room – so good to have the magazines, chairs and other crap in the boot not under the bed. It only opens on the driver’s side. The other side has the dedicated gas locker for two bottles, which is also great as the heating and hot water are both gas/electric. We’re used to diesel heating so don’t go through the gas bottle that quickly, but in this vehicle in winter you can hoe through it, in a very quiet centrally heated cosy way – so quiet. The windows are all double-glazed acrylic so no moisture in the house, but when you remove the homemade insulation magnetic blinds, the cab windows are drenched in condensation. Certainly need to have a Karcher window vacuum on board, but in our case a windscreen towel is at the ready.

Driving wise this is a dream baby, we can crank it up to 100km, not limited to 90km as in the over 3500kg Mitsi. Getting up and down hills is a dream, automatic gearbox is sweet as, and the rear-view camera fits the bill – well for Bruce it does, Allan Dick maybe not so much!! All I will say here is the camera is for traffic; don’t depend on it to see trees above you and ‘in you’ when you have backed into them, lol – oh dear, oh dear – newbie drivers to motorhomes, beware when backing up, and turning is a learnt, practised skill – length and height always in mind, look before you leap as well.

The bathroom has good storage behind the toilet, the lightswitch is behind the toilet as well. Vanity basin, mirror with side lights and above, storage underneath,, Clip on the left unclips

For a seven-year-old vehicle, what has impressed us is the robustness of the fixtures and fittings in the main. The overhead cupboards, doors, drawers, etc. still feel sturdy and secured. There are two step-ups in the living area, one up to the dining area, the other around the bed area – both placed in okay positions for use – steps are certainly not on my list of must have in an RV so placement is important.

Bedroom storage is good, kitchen storage and lighting is not to our requirements personally, and the front seating arrangement is just not our style though we are adapting. A quick step through from front cab to rear is a nice change from jumping in and out of the Mitsubishi, but it is a slight squeeze through the space, especially if Caspar’s seat is on the floor back there.

Looking good on the road, you won’t miss us

Enjoying the change of style, loving the driveability of the vehicle, economy wise it is really great. We look forward to a lot more travel, and seeing readers around the country when we are in Level 1 again, look out for us.

Bürstner Nexxo T687 2013 model

Fiat Ducato 2.3L multi-jet turbo diesel 97kW (130bhp)
6-speed AMT transmission
GVM 3650kg, tare 2850kg, COF 2000kg tow rating

Dimension (mm)
Length 6890, width 2300, height 2750

Walls are typical vacuum composite with internal ply walls, polystyrene insulation and the outside layer is sheet aluminium – not GPR. The bumper and skirting mouldings are fibreglass, so easy for repairs.

Bed size 1950mm wide
Water fresh 120L grey 90L
Fridge 104L manual 3-way
Truma gas-electric heating
2 x 9kg gas bottle locker