I don’t have a Class 2 licence, nor does the Rock, so I jumped in with Jonas and we headed to the Tuakau Bridge to take a few photos of the beast.

The aerodnamic rear design is new, the top shape changes the airflow down the back, helps keep the dirt off apparently. Looks very good, external bumper

First, lets take a look at the Morelo’s technical details.

Cab Chassis and Construction

The IVECO cab chassis is substantial and incorporates all the latest technology. The vehicle’s body with its aluminium and GRP motorhome shell includes lots of advanced design features such as minimum Grade 3 insulation and an awning integrated into the roof corner in order to keep it to the legal width of 2400mm. The new rear spoiler looks good, improves driving dynamics and even helps keep the back relatively dust free.

The aerodnamic rear design is new, the top shape changes the airflow down the back, helps keep the dirt off apparently. Looks very good, external bumper

The interior and exterior walls are aluminium alloy, meaning less maintenance and easy repairs in the future. The hydrophobic XPS rigid foam provides insulation in walls, floors and ceiling and is light in weight, important for an RV. The roof has optimum hail protection and lightning protection. The underbody is constructed from aluminium while the underbody floor is GRP and partition panels are moulded in ABS plastic.

The rear boot has shelves and drawers for storage as well as tie downs, power and lighting - and to top it all off it opens at the push of a button, electric opening system both sides


The MORELO brand started with an idea stemming from founder Jochen Reiman in January 2010. A few sketches, and ideas grew quickly, with Reiman pulling together a team of six employees including Reihnard Löhner, to assist with the build. Reihnard later became his business partner. With a design on paper and construction commencing, the team had an August 2010 deadline for the prestigious Düsseldorf Caravan Salon event. Not an easy build as they worked out of a rented, small metal hall – sweltering in the summer and freezing over winter – but they made the show with a completed vehicle. From there they secured eight orders from customers and their business has flourished since then.

Nice interior door finishes, privacy blind, and this is the extra wide 700mm doorway, with pull-out flyscreen

MORELO pride themselves on their designs, and their team of professionals, from decal specialists to joiners, from construction engineers to mechatronics and design engineers, all of them helping to produce luxurious motorhomes that are distributed world-wide.

The driver’s area is a cockpit for sure, latest technology steering wheel with controls for the phone, stereo, cruise control all integrated

For customers who buy into Jochen and Reihnard’s vision to fulfil their dreams of wanderlust, all accomplished with excellent comfort and superior quality, MORELO means the feeling of being at home anywhere in the world. Time to check out this luxurious baby.


As I stepped up the double electric entry step I was genuinely taken aback – there was so much floor space. Seated in the luxury leather passenger seat I noticed that the floor was on one level, even into the cab, very nice.

The table is adjustable, extensible and folds in half for less space. Long lounge couches face each other, belted seatiing faces forward

The large windscreen and side windows are impressive, plenty of view up here, and the glass is tinted so you do feel a little private, not on display to the world. There’s lots to love about the front cab area, spacious, well-appointed for drinks with a chiller unit, stereo for tunes, reversing camera and navigation. Lots of buttons to play with … oops that one makes the electric blind come down in the windscreen, better stop playing with that while we are driving!

Electric secondary bed, generous size, comfortable. LED lights are touch operated, roof vent above and privacy curtains

The A-pillars are noticeably slim, allowing for improved driver safety as well as great views. I notice what looks like a remote control on the driver’s side. Upon inquiry, Jonas tells me he can adjust the suspension height with airbags, stop the back end dragging on the ground on the ferry, that sort of thing. What a great feature. The big exterior three-way mirrors also took my attention, they look so space age.

Kitchen bench boasts two sinks, with covers, three-burner gas hob, with glass lid for bench space. Note the fitted coffee machine on the shelf

The rest of the interior oozes luxury, the large lounge benches are impressive, with an extension table that adjusts to suit. With a push of a button the large ceiling electric bed will drop down, LED touch lights in the ceiling, easy access – the Rock made me get up to take photos. Another button to push and the 32˝ TV drops down out of the overhead locker, now that’s fancy.

A great assortment of utility and storage drawers below the bench, all soft positive-close fittings

The kitchen bench is Corian with two sinks complete with covers and a three-burner gas hob with glass cover. Under-bench drawer storage with two fitted bins is out of this world. I wouldn’t need much else but this unit offers overhead lockers, and a full-height pull-out pantry unit split into two, with a double lock on the top one in case it is full. Opposite this is the tech tower with the new Dometic 10 fridge – the doors open either way, pretty neat. There’s a gas oven/grill unit above here, and a full-height storage and wardrobe cupboard next to the fridge. The floor space in this area and the living area looks and feels as if there is a big slide-out at work, but it is just the extra 100mm in the width that allows for so much room.

The bathroom breaks the record for all previous models I have seen in size, storage and luxury features. There is a sliding privacy door from the kitchen to the bathroom, and again from the bathroom to the bedroom, enclosing a really large space. Two people could use this area easily together. Full-size shower with glass not plastic, ceramic pedestal 12V electric flush toilet to a 250L black tank.

Full-height pantry split into two, double lock on the top one. Fridge with overhead grill unit and another storage or wardrobe unit to the left

Electric vent fan overhead, lots of LED lighting and the vanity unit – what can I say, I want this at home. So many drawers and shelves below the sink unit, big mirrored cabinet above, and yet another cabinet to the right, full-height. I was totally enchanted with the sliding doors between the bedroom and bathroom, two long mirrors facing into the bathroom, pulling just the right door catch pulled both doors together smoothly. Yes, there’s no doubting all of this vehicle’s luxurious fittings and fixtures.

The bedroom is the only stepped up area in the unit, just one step up onto the bedroom floor, no trip or slip hazards here. The bed is large, has a EvoPore mattress with water gel top layer. Deep drawer storage at the bed end, side wardrobe and a small drawer each side of the bed, with book and cup shelf as well. Nice sized windows, roof vent, backlit headboard. This is a lovely boudoir.

Nice bedroom, one step up into the room, bed has two drawers for storage, has the Evo Pore mattress with water gel top layer and comfort sprung base


The outside repeats the inside with the amount of storage space available, including a huge boot accessible from both sides. Another full-width pod midship with more drawers and cupboards actually inside the boot area. The technology of the vehicle was on show here with the electric boot opener, I kid you not – press the button and it will pop open the locked door, both sides. There is a lock button inside the doorway for security.

Toilet suite sits beside the large shower box, roof vent above, opening window, there is an extendable shower-top head behind the sink, for easy cleaning of the unit I presume

The electrical, utilities, pipes and necessities all have homes of their own, easily accessed as required. The inverter in this puppy will satisfy any woman yearning for hair dryers, electric toasters or coffee machines – whatever you want honey!

There are so many features to note within this luxury liner I can’t even tell you them all as it would fill so many pages, and with the price point being the price of an average house it is fun discovering them all. Check the photos to get more details, or contact Jonas for more information and a brochure. Better still, this model will be on show at the Covi SuperShow in March, so I encourage you to check it out if you are there, and if you can’t make the show but think that this may be a vehicle for you, contact Jonas to arrange a private viewing.

Tech Specs

MORELO Palace 93MB 4-berth $575,000

IVECO Daily 70 C 18, Emission class: EURO 6d Engine: 3L 152kW metric hp, 8-speed auto transmission. Class 2 licence required. ABS, airbags, remote and central locking, electric-heated external mirrors, traction control and alarm.

Hot dipped galvanised ladder frame. The high-strength steel design works with the false floor to create a level living room floor with the cockpit fully integrated into the living area. The underride guards prevent a car from sliding under it. Double rear axle, 16” alloy wheels, air suspension on front and rear axle. Lower garage rear – with lowering of up to 380mm available, low loading sills.

GVM 7500kg, tare 6400kg, payload 1100kg

Dimensions (mm):
Length 9500, width 2400, height 3640
Lounge bench, left (mm) 1740 x 1000 Couch – right (mm) 1250 x 650
Rear bed (length x width) 2000 x 1630mm
Overhead electric pulldown bed (length x width) 2000 x 1300mm
Rear garage doors 1230 x 1120mm

Awning, 32” LED TV, fully automatic Sat Dish, Freshwater tank 380L, greywater tank 250L, Ceramic cassette toilet bowl with 250L black tank
Gas supply in 2 x 9kg bottles

Electrical package:
Energy 420 Premium Power gel batteries 420Ah, combined charger/inverter 3000W, up to 120A charging power when driving – 440W solar panel

Hot water central heating:
Alde Flow is a separate hot water tank that you can connect to the water-glycol circuit of the heating system. The hot water tank preheats the fresh water before it gets into the actual hot water tank of the boiler. Alde Flow, along with the Alde Compact 3020HE with boost mode activated and a flow rate of 3.5L/min (capacity of a normal shower tap), will provide continuous 40° C shower water as long as the fresh water supply is sufficient. Alde high-performance hot water central heating system, Gas-operated 5.8kW heat output, Electric heat output up to 3kW, integrated boiler with the water-glycol circuit floor heating, adjustable between areas. Heated false floor, bathroom radiator towel dryer and heater.

Outside shower and BBQ point
Electric 6m awning with awning light, flush fitted into the corner of the roof, improving driving dynamics.