What do you think?

We want to get cracking on the plastic wrap problem – and we need your help.

The MPA is doing a survey with resource recovery experts WasteMINZ asking magazine readers about their composting and recycling habits and attitudes.

The results will help us make the best-possible decision around the gnarly issue of finding an environmentally friendly wrap for our subscriber issues.

It’s important that we get as many readers, from as many different magazines, as possible to do the survey before 17 April 2020. So it would be great if you could share the survey widely with your audiences.

You know your readers best, so we’ll leave it to you to decide how to share it with them – it’s an online-only survey, so the obvious places are your social media, email newsletters and websites. But it would also be good to share it as an insert or as a flysheet under the plastic wrap. MPA sponsor Webstar is supporting the MPA’s initiative and will print the sheet free for our members – there might just be additional charges if you want to make changes. Alternatively, you might want to include the survey as a news item in the editorial pages of your magazine.

The URL link for the survey is: https://forms.gle/5pajkD4Q1XfBfwjh9