Woof woof ruff arf yip yip woof woof grrrr, bow wow bow wow ruff ruff arf arf.

Pass that on to your pets please, a little note from me to them.

I got a ride with little Finn down at the Viaduct, good times

What a great time we have had lately – we got to stay home for weeks and weeks, I got big walkies every day and so many pats and cuddles, lunches on the deck – it was terrific. A bit strange too, though – my car seat came inside … now that was really strange, but I loved it sitting between mama and papa’s chair watching TV, it was great actually.

So much fun when lockdown ended and Mac came to visit with Finn, Ben and Maura

I couldn’t go down and talk with the fifi next door, as mama put a fence across the driveway, and on walkies we crossed the road when we met other people and doggies. I wasn’t allowed to sniff or play with any of my mates for soooooo long, it was very upsetting actually. I love walkies so I can sniff my mates, who’s been where, how they are feeling, all those things.

A good tummy tickle from a strange lady at the campground, good times

Mama said there was a sickness going around and everyone has to stay away from each other. How weird. I couldn’t understand why that should affect me and my mates, but mama said she didn’t want people patting me, or me sniffing up some germs from my friends. I got a growling when I walked too close to someone’s fence – they yelled at mama and papa to get me away from them, hmmm woofy ruff ruff. The only visitor we got was when the food came in the car. The boot opened up and mama and papa got food out, but I wasn’t even allowed a pat or cuddle from the visitor. I don’t really know what sickness is but I woof grrr don’t like it. We did see little Charli though coz she and her daddy were in something mama said was a shared bubble with us – great to have pats, brushings and attention from her.

The fire was so warm, I wasn’t allowed a marshmallow though

Finally, after a really long time – it felt like a year or two – mama started packing the motorhome, woofy woof woof so exciting I couldn’t believe what was happening. “Just a weekend away Caspie”, mama said. We put on my harness, got my bed and away we went to Sandspit just a couple of hours away.

Much fun at Sandspit beach where we stayed in the motorhome, I was allowed to talk to and sniff other doggie friends

It was so much fun running on the beach, getting sandy and dirty, meeting new people and exploring somewhere I have never been. I ruff ruff love being away after being at home sooooo long. And I was allowed to get pats from people, tummy tickles all round mmmm so good. Charli and the family were there in a cabin at the campground, and other friends and kids came up to see us as well. We had the best day on the beach, fishing and playing – bow wow good times. There was even a cool fire that papa put in the motorhome, so it was warm and cosy both nights. I was a bit grrrrowly that I couldn’t eat the sticky things on the stick that everyone made over the fire, but by that time I was pretty tired and laxed out on da papa’s tummy – I didn’t push the point coz I might have been put to bed. Big BBQ breakfasts and dinner … I like this campground, lots of walkies and exploring to be done. But I didn’t like the wharf area – when is papa going to realise I hate walking over that water stuff? It freaks me out seeing it between the cracks, and I pull back and try to slip my collar sometimes, I get so freaked out.

No one would take me for a ride, looks like fun

The next week at home we got our first visitors, with little Finn and his dog Mac coming to stay with his mama and papa. That was great fun having Mac to stay and play for a few days. Walkies at the Viaduct of course. I even got a ride with Finn in his buggy that was woofy woof fun. Then Ricky arrived from down home and he stayed with us for a while. He always gives me special pats and cuddles – everything was feeling normal again.

A good walk at Mt Maunganui, mama and papa disappointed we couldn’t walk around the mountain or even walk me on the beach in some places, but we found signs that showed the places we could go. My hair is a bit long for sand mama reackons

A couple of weeks later a new motorhome arrived in the driveway. Now that was weird, and stranger still when my car seat was put on a seat in the back and I was loaded in too, so confusing with mama and papa talking about a RocknRobyn 5. We went to Tauranga for a couple of days, visited little Finn and Mac on the farm, and went walkies near the beach, but there were lots of signs around saying I wasn’t allowed to be there, so we had to find where the signs stopped and where they changed to doggie welcome signs. Mama had talked about going around the Mount, whatever that means, but was disappointed coz I’m not allowed there, so no go. Didn’t worry me – I had a great time getting sandy and windblown playing with papa. We visited with a man called Rob that I have meet a few times before. He had lots of visitors at his business Country RV, and I played in a kid’s pool and tried out a cool bike that was sitting there. After seeing that little girl doggie earlier this year riding on a big motorbike with her papa I have been intrigued by these things. This one didn’t look big like hers did, so I jumped up to see for myself but NO was the answer from everyone, grrrr.

I didn’t get much of the edamame beans or eggplant but mama shared some calamari mmmm

Last weekend we went to a new place for walkies, Cornwall Park mama said. What a great place that is, so many other doggies around, paths, areas to explore – it was great fun. I think we will go there more often coz mama and papa seemed really happy, and of course we had lunch at a little café there. I didn’t get much to eat coz they ate it all up, but a little fifi was sitting not far away under a table so I was pretty busy making eyes with her anyway.

Now we seem to be back to normal, with mama and papa working all the time on their computers and not so many walkies. Sniffies and talkies with doggie friends in the neighbourhood are all go again though. Lunch in the Viaduct yesterday – it has been so long since we have done that. I was getting so hot at home with the heater going, mama booked me in for a haircut as soon as it was allowed. It felt great, but I slept in mama and papa’s bed a few times those first couple of nights as it was a bit bbbrrrrr chilly.

A bit of a breeze up here at Cornwall Park

We have been at home this week, but I hear talk of a trip away again next week once this magazine is finished. I love it when the magazine is finished, coz I don’t get enough attention when mama and papa are working all the time.

Take care friends woof woof bow wow arf arf, and a spray on the side to sniff.