It could be said that vintage-caravan owners John and Pauline Murray like the look of a Lilliput. After all, they have owned two of these unbelievably cute and coveted little Kiwi caravans. And having secured a very rare 12΄ 6˝ model this time around, they have no plans to sell.

John and Pauline are camping converts who spent many happy summers in their pup tent at a favourite coastal spot. Everything changed one year when their much-anticipated break from their busy lives was a washout. “We went home and bought a caravan,” says Pauline.

The beautiful wallpaper was sourced overseas

Their first foray into the vintage-caravan world came in 2008 when they bought a 10΄6˝ Lilliput Gazelle which they spent a few years refurbishing, before deciding they would like a slightly larger space that could also accommodate a small fridge.

From the start, the couple have enjoyed the advice and companionship of fellow Lilliput owners through the Lilliput Caravan Club of New Zealand, of which Pauline is now secretary. The club meets regularly at rallies throughout the country. Earlier this year they celebrated their 30th anniversary at a rally in Taupō to mark the occasion.

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