Are you considering living full time on the road? If your answer is yes, you’re not alone – there are many people having just those exact thoughts. Perhaps even more now that the housing market is so difficult to get into.

For many folk, the dream is to leave behind a busy working life for a more carefree lifestyle. We’d fallen into the grind of a five-day working week with our weekends spent catching up on housework, gardening and chores. Then, as Monday morning rolled around, it felt like groundhog day – here we go again!

Bernie and Katrina’s rig is soon to be their home on wheels

The good news is, there is a lifestyle offering less stress, no gardening, less housework, fewer financial outgoings and a change of scenery. As well, perhaps surprisingly, there are already lots of people already enjoying this type of lifestyle.

Bernie (my husband) and I are keen to achieve this dream-like existence. First, we’ll need to resign from our jobs. That’s the scary part, leaving behind the security of weekly incomes. Second, we’ll swap living in a house for a home on wheels. It’s exactly what we want. Even though we’re homebodies, we both fancy a change and something to look forward to. An adventure. The countdown is on and with only a couple of months before we set off on our escapade, we sought advice from people already ‘living on the road’.

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