It’s five days before the Mangonui waterfront festival, and there’s a hole in the road just north of the venue. Well, to be accurate, big tides have underscored the footpath and part of the road, and repairs are underway. Obviously, repairs to a tidal area are tide-dependent, especially when using heavy machinery, and it’s not looking like they’ll be complete in time for this year’s festival (they weren’t).

Kaata Tatana putting the ‘vibe’ into ‘vibrant’

“Inevitably, something will crop up each year,” says event manager Jodi Betts, “and we just have to deal with challenges as they occur.” Mangonui’s main street is closed off on the day of the festival to allow stalls to set up on both sides of the road, and service organisations deliver patrons by bus from nearby carparking areas.

Mangonui’s ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ festival, named after the television programme to mark the end of the summer season, is in its seventh year. Jodi’s been organising the festival for much of that time, beginning with the choice of a date that doesn’t clash with other big local events such as the Snapper Classic fishing competition, Easter, and Whangarei’s Fritter Festival.

Far North Hustlers – back L-R – Helen Carr, Cheryl Michael. Front L-R: Joy Hatchet, Elaine Taylor, Mihi Cornelius

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