It seems like sooo woooofy long since I last wrote a column, that I had to go back through mama’s photos to catch up on everything we have been up to. Last time we were getting ready for Christmas. It was all go before that though with a quick trip down to Tauranga to see papa’s grandson Finn, another little kid to train, woof woof, though he does have my mate Mac licking him into doggie mate shape. We visited lots of friends I hadn’t seen for a long time – my first home was in Tauranga with my big mama Deb and little mama Shannon. One of the friends who visited lots was Aunty Leslie. She would take me on walkies when she could, which was so great as mama Deb was sick and I stayed at home to look after her and didn’t go for many walkies with her. When mama Deb went away to the sky to live I got a new home with mama Robbie and papa Bruce, and I moved to Martinborough, where my different life started – walkies every day, and travelling around with them in a big motorhome all over the country, meeting hundreds of new friends a year. It was great to visit with Leslie and have cuddles and plays with her, and a bit of bacon off her plate too – woofy good times.

Christmas day was fun. I got new toys, and have managed to keep them all out for me to play with

There were also lots of times when I was left at home before Christmas while mama and papa went shopping and visiting work people – that was a bit grrr grumbly grumble for me coz I do like to go everywhere with them. So a little run around at the Gypsy Fair was good fun, and a few friends to meet and sniff about with as we wandered around the tents. I always get taken to the markets as well, and that can drive me woofy crazy with the food smells and nibbles on the ground. The competition with the other dogs to get that bit of sausage is pretty fierce, in a leisurely relaxed doggy way, but we are all well behaved in the markets – that’s why we are allowed to go.

There are always lots of friends to meet at a Gypsy Fair. We sometimes go to these around the country and I’m sure I see the same people at them

Thankfully I got a haircut before Christmas. I was getting so hot with my long hairy ears and chest – I was nearly pulling the hair off myself it was so hot, and the pesky prickles and grasses getting stuck on me were sooo annoying. We went to a new groomer, and boy did I get the shaving of my life – don’t think I have ever been so naked. Mama got quite a shock as well and made me stay in the shade all the time for the next week – no rolling in the sun for me – she said I might get burned. Fortunately it doesn’t take long for my hair to grow, and it was super great with all the hot weather – in fact I need another hair cut now. I wonder if we will go back there or if the search will be on for another groomer.

This little fella Finn is learning to be gentle – wish mama would get me a haircut before we see him next time

I was right in my last column – Christmas meat was in very limited supply, but I did get some ham and chicken from da mama. My new toys are great fun, and I really enjoy taking them outside together for a big throw around and chew. Mama tried to put the sausage Santa and bear away in the Christmas tree box the other week, but I watched her and got them back out for more fun.

So nice to see Leslie – she was like my aunty when I was a puppy and I lived with my first mama in Tauranga

We had another trip to Tauranga to visit baby Finn and his mama Maura, papa Ben and Mac. That’s where I got into a bit of trouble – a first for me I admit. They all headed off in the car to have fun, and I wasn’t happy about that at all, grrr grumble growl. Sure enough I was left locked up in the property with Mac, and yes there was woofy water, but they left me there – how dare they. So I decided maybe I would go find them. When they left they yelled out at the man across the road, and I thought maybe they are over at his house. I woofed to Mac about it and I managed to wriggle myself under the gate. He tried too but he was just too big. So off I went across the road to the house and into the garden, looking and sniffing for da mama and papa. Then I got yelled at, chased and unceremoniously picked up by this big man in gumboots. He told me off and got on the phone – I think I heard Ben’s voice – oh oh woofy nooooo. He dropped me back over the gate, back to Mac, and big pieces of wood blocked off my escape hole. Woofy woof so sad.

I love my car seat and harness, though I wish I hadn’t jumped out that window, lesson learnt – you can teach old dogs new tricks

Not long after, mama and papa came back with the others and I got the biggest growling I have had since I first moved to Martinborough and chased the dog in the motorbike sidecar down the road. I was tied up to the motorhome for the rest of the day by myself, and both mama and papa growled at me so I realised they knew I had got out and were woofy woofy worried and disappointed in me. And I thought I was being clever, oops better not do that again. I made another mistake the other day, another first-time too. They left me in the car with the windows well open as they went to look at a house. I decided I wanted to have a look as well so jumped out the window and cruised on up. Boy did I get in trouble for that one. I don’t get let off my harness attachment now when we park up. I used to be able to wander around inside the car while they were out of it, but now I am sat in my seat locked in – I can’t be trusted I am told. Damn. You would think I could get away with one time in eight years, but woof woof they have totally cut me off at the knees with this trust issue. Wish I hadn’t bothered. I hadn’t ever done it before and don’t know why I did it this time, but it’s really got me in a pickle – sad woofie moan.

I wasn’t happy when mama and papa left me with Mac. I managed to get under the gate and go looking for them, but that didn’t end too well for me

After that trip mama and papa packed up and disappeared on holiday without me. They went away in a plane this time, so I stayed with Mike, little Charli and Ricky. It was great – I got walkies everyday with Charli. She is really being good with me now, throws me balls, combs me with my hair brush, even rubs my head – woof woof – finally she is coming around to me, but she has been hard work.

Good fun playing with Loxi – mates are just different when you have shared a bed with them – we connect so well when we see each other

When they got back it was time to pack up and head away in the motorhome, and away we went to do the rounds visiting our friends – back up to see Loxi at her house in the bush and out to Army Bay to the beach to play with Marty and Barb. Papa made me get in the water at the beach – why woofy why does he always make me get in the cold water when he knows I don’t like it. But it is fun really once I’m in, and rolling in the sand and shaking it off in the car later is a bit of fun. A few doggie mates to sniff with, and lots of people talking to me on the beach, though the sand can get pretty hot.

I wasn’t keen at first to get in the water, but papa helped me in. I shook the water off me, then rolled in the sand – woofy good fun

We have been to town lots of times for walkies on the waterfront coz this is a favourite for us all, starting at North Wynyard Wharf where Charli can play in the playground and water if she is with us, and we walk with lots of other people (and doggie friends) across the big bridge that scares the woof out of me still. Sometimes I can walk it all, but other times I have to whimper till papa picks me up – it’s scary on bridges with water under them. The best part of these walkies is stopping in at food places. We have tried them all so lots of people know me now, and lots of them have doggie water bowls ready for me and other doggie mates out walkies. This time around, a new place got our attention, and though I do admit a bit of meat as a treat would be awesome when we are out, the greens are pretty damned good too. I just loved the broccoli papa was eating at Good George, a new place we stopped at. Mama and papa both loved the food here (and everyone who reads this magazine knows how hard papa is to please with this vegan lark he is on) so we will be back.

Thanks to da mama – she checks the footpath to make sure it’s not too hot for my little feet

It has been so very hot lately that the footpaths and roads have been getting superhot, and I have to be really careful when we got out that I don’t burn my feet. Mama and papa are aware of this and mama will often check the temperature before we head out somewhere on really hot days. She says “It’s the four second rule Caspie – if I can’t hold my hand on the ground for four seconds at least, it is too hot for your paws,” then she and papa talk about doggie booties; I looked at them like … seriously, what the heck are they on about now. But I said that when they talked about the safety harness I have to wear in the car, and the car seat when they put that in, and look how that has turned out – fantastic.

Eating my greens at Good George in the viaduct – shame papa is vegan now though

Aside from those trips it looks like work has started again – mama is in her office, papa is in his, and they are on their computers all the time again, woof woof, so I wasn’t surprised when mama sat me in front of the keyboard and said get on with it.

I have a vet visit due next month for my shots, hopefully another haircut isn’t far away, and I hear an Aussie visitor is coming to stay for a while, so maybe that will mean more walkies for me and getting out and about in the motorhome with them as well – maybe – I will let you know next column. Remember to look after your doggie friends with water, shelter and hot walking surfaces, including sand, in this superhot summer weather we are having right now.