Woof woof friends, it is super hot in Martinborough today as I write this. I just heard da mama booking me in for another haircut, woof woof that will be great.

It is nice to be home for a while. In my last column we were a long way from home at Oakura Bay. I woof that place – we have so much fun exploring around the rocks, beaches and streets. I even get to go on walks in the dark with da mama and papa on the beach, bit strange really coz we hardly ever go for walks in the dark at home, woofy wonder why?

It was a long, long drive back home in the car, woofy woofy missed the motorhome – it was so boring staying in my harness in the booster seat all the way, though we did stop at a house in Piopio. We have been there before to visit a lady Sue with two big dogs, so that was a long break. We do stop for quick walkies and water, but I missed not being able to lay down, roll on my back for a scratch from da mama or papa. Sitting between them in the motorhome is much more fun.

I was glad to be home, running around the section, sniffing at the gate to see who had been past lately, great fun and woof woof good to be off the lead and free to roam – I miss that when we go away.

Lots of exploring everyday in Oakura Bay

I’ve already had one hair cut a few weeks back, and I got tricked into going to the vet lady. She was a new person and so gentle and nice, and very quick to give me treats when we first got there. The other lady would only give them after she had poked, and prodded me – this lady is nice. “Time to sort him out for fleas over the summer,” I heard her say to mama, and mama said back that I had been scratching and itching myself to shreds lately; ooh no woof I know what that means, a pin in my neck, damn. Then the ultimate indignity with a finger where it shouldn’t be – damn I woof woof don’t like that, but it feels so woofy woofy good afterwards so I try to be good. Mama hugs me tight too.

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