With his Unimog build gathering momentum, adventurer Davey Hughes heads to Australia to research power management and storage for his vehicle. “I have tried to ensure all the build materials and components are of superior quality. It’s a long-term project; that is, every part of the fit-out has to be both highly functional and durable. One thing experience has taught me is, there’s absolutely no point in cutting corners.”

By nature I’m inherently a curious sort of a bloke. Sometimes that’s a good thing; sometimes it gets me in a little bother. It always has – from “I wonder if I can jump across that gap?” to “Hmmm. Can’t be that deep – can it?” However, being curious has led me on all manner of adventures to all manner of places. The important thing is to keep on learning, both from triumphs and the inevitable fall.

REDARC Plant is based in Adelaide

With the time approaching to be considering the source and storage of power for the habitat on my Mog I had plenty of questions and stacks of information to sort through. I just needed a starting point. So I began asking lots of people for their advice. Invariably, much of the feedback seemed to be steering me towards an Australian-based company, REDARC. I’d seen their adverts appearing in RV Lifestyle magazine, and a quick phone call to their New Zealand Territory Manager Greg Mitchell was met with a wealth of knowledge with regard to the many possibilities on offer.

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