I was brought up in a caravanning family, going on my first caravan holiday at four months old in 1950. My parents owned Liteweight caravans so caravan holidays were regular every year. Over the decades, these caravans grew more sophisticated in both their storage solutions and their fitments, including conveniences such as hot and cold water, fridges, radios, showers and toilets. Many of these fittings were powered by basic 12-volt systems and 240-volt systems. Since the start of the new century, caravans have become even more sophisticated with much better appliances through improved technology along with some great storage solutions.

Overhead locker storage, wood dividers ensure no movement of items in travel

In 2006 we restored a 1956 Liteweight Kiwi 12-foot caravan that my dad had built. It really was like stepping back in time. Cold water only, a built-in safe, one 240-volt light, two plugs on the end of the overhead, and two 12-volt lights. Over time we added two more 240-volt plugs, replaced the safe with two under-bench electric fridges, added a valve radio and fitted out the overhead cupboard with racks for our crockery – and we used it for the next 10 years.

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