From 1885 to 1895 men struggled to make the car go. From 1895 to 1905 thry contrived to make it go properly. Between 1906 and 1915 they succeeded in making it go beautifully.

The first half of the 1900’s was without doubt the most important period in the development of the automobile.

From the spluttering three-wheeler to the “power” machines, the cars built in this era were the first fruits of a 150 years of dedication and effort. They were the milestones of change
– in technology, design and speed
and forever transformed the face of the world.

The pride and joy of the men who built them and those who drove them, these cars will forever hold a special place in the history of automobiles.

India has an invaluable collection of cars of the past that have transcended through time, to be preserved for posterity.