We cover Standard Cars Utes etc.  from 1903 until 1964. We have in our NZ club Standards from 1914 until 1963. There are a few Veterans and  Vintage Standards – a larger  number of 1930-1940’s cars along with all the 1950’s Standard 8’s and 10’s and various models of Vanguards along with a few Heralds and Triumph 2000’s


At present we have about 55 members and have a newsletter we try and put out 3 to 4 times a year. We have an extensive library which we can photo copy if necessary for our members.


The club owns some spares and factory tools all controlled by one of our CHCH members otherwise we try to find out who has spares still available and are good to deal with—Like Mechanical Restorations in Fordel Wanganui.