The Club was started by a past Member from Ashburton, who had a 1939 E93A Prefect, 2 door. Hoping there were more of these small cars around, she put an advert in the Classic Car Magazine, the response to which was very favourable so an advert was placed in the Press for those interested to meet at the Groynes on Sunday 12 February 1995. The turnout was excellent and so the Club was formed. Those present added the word ‘Enthusiasts’ as you do not have to own a car to be a Member, just be enthusiastic about small Fords.

The Club has 30-40 Members from Auckland to Southland, with approximately 20 cars in going order. It runs four Rallies a year, as well as participating in other events and Rallies such as Twin Rivers, the All Ford Day, the All British Day, and displaying cars at the Classic Car Show and VCC Swap Meet. The Club produces six Newsletters a year, which keeps Members informed of Club activities and dates when different things are on. With 17 Members living out of Christchurch, the Newsletter is the lifeblood of the Club. During Easter 2010, the Club held its 15th Anniversary in Geraldine, South Canterbury, which was well attended by Members.

Enquiries from small Ford owners are most welcome