The Early Holden Club of Auckland has over 100 members who share a passion for Holdens in their original condition. The Club accepts members whether they currently own a Holden or not. If a prospective member does possess one of Australasia’s finest, the car must have been produced prior to the Commodore and be totally original with some minor concessions to the necessities of road safety. Cars with mags, modern paint colours and interiors and body or engine alterations are not accepted. The rule of thumb is that models may only have what was available as a specification when they were produced and the driving vision for the Club is to attain a standard of vehicle that looks like it just left the showroom in the year of its manufacture…or better. The Committee meets once monthly and there is at least one outing per month, often a lot more than that. The Club is very, very active and strives to provide entertaining and informative ‘runs’ within most peoples’ tastes and wallets.