The BMW Car Club is a group of BMW owners that are enthusiastic and committed to their choice of vehicle. Since 1982, members of the BMW Car Club of New Zealand have been meeting, not only to socialise, but to broaden their technical knowledge, obtain helpful advice on maintenance, catch up with news from other BMW Clubs and keep abreast of the development of BMW in New Zealand. This information sharing is enhanced by the Club’s affiliation to the International Council of BMW Clubs and its resultant association with BMW AG in Munich and BMW Clubs around the world.

Members of the BMW Car Club of New Zealand own BMWs spanning several decades, from an Isetta and a 1602 right through to the latest models. The year 2002, as well as being the 20th anniversary of the BMWCC in New Zealand, has seen renewed interest in the model of the same name which is now becoming a classic. Many examples are to be seen on race tracks around the country and others are currently under restoration.

Members enjoy the many and varied opportunities provided by the Club to participate in both social and competitive events. Driver training is one of the most popular of these and gives members a chance to put their BMW through its paces in a controlled circuit environment, adding to the pleasure of owning a high performance race-bred vehicle. Other events on the Club calendar include gymkhanas, economy runs, fun trials, trade evenings and social evenings.