Classics at Ōhope’ caravan and car show was lining up for its fifth outing. The first had been pretty small, but the second was a bit larger and many of the retro-caravan crowd who attended really enjoyed the show. The event sounded as if it would be quite nice to attend, with around 30 retro and vintage caravans expected, along with hundreds of classic cars. So with a bit of encouragement from my friend Mike, we decided we would make the trip to check out the show for ourselves and maybe sell a few books while we were there. The show was planned for Saturday the 14th of March, running from midday until 4.00pm, but most of the retro caravans were planning to turn up on the Friday so as to have an easy run on the Saturday. This also allowed time to catch up with friends, as once a show starts you tend to get pretty busy talking to the public about your caravan and the lifestyle, and showing people through your caravan. We seldom get out from under our roof awning during these times.

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