We are back in Pukekohe after my holiday at home in Martinborough, and there are lots of shiny lights – our big flashing tree is out of the box and I found my Christmas bear, woofy woofy happy doggie times.

My best buddy santa bear, I love playing around with him and trying to get his hat off

I had a woofy time in Martinborough, it was so ggggrrrreat to be back with my friends. Walkies meant I ran into lots of friends, lots of times by the shops, and so good it was to have Pete look after me too. From what I have heard from mama and papa, where they went away to wouldn’t have been fun for me.

Staying in Martinborough again was great fun, lots of friends to meet at the shops

It is good to be back with Charli in Pukekohe though, we have been out and about visiting people and mama has been doing lots of shopping. I got growled at for playing around the big tree – grrr she should be happy I’m not climbing in it like it did when I was little.

Meeting Loxi and Dink was fun, a new big mate as well I had to adjust to him getting up close and personal a lot

Now it is warm and sunny more often, we have even more walkies. It is the best fun in the woofy world going to the showgrounds. We stayed at this cool place at the start of this year, and at that time I met lots of local rabbit friends – ah that was such fun finding and chasing them into buildings and holes. I was out-of–my-skin excited when we drove through the gates this time and parked up. Admittedly it took me a bit of time to realise my mates the rabbit families were still there, but once I spotted them we were away, running and hiding all over the showgrounds for ages. Woof woof wonderful times here – I get home completely exhausted and fall sleep. It is even more fun when little Charli comes here with us. She tries to run as fast as me – she has no show but I come back to her when I have had my fun.

I went to work with mama and papa, they took photos of some cool motorhomes and I played with these kids Briana and Lachie Cook

I caught up with lots of friends when we went to Tony and Robyn’s place up north – there was Loxi and Dink and they had a big friend visiting. I was a bit shy to start with but we all had great fun playing. Next stop was Hazel’s house. I played with another big friend there Tama and played with some woolly sheep around a paddock for a bit – I was pretty careful there, that girl sheep was giving me the eye.

Looking for my rabbit mates at the Pukekohe A&P Showgrounds area - lots of motorhomes stay here overnight, I meet new friends there sometimes too

Not much going on at the moment for me today though. Mama is busy typing and papa is doing his thing as well so I got busy on my column – mama told me I was late and making Cam mad, but I got a bit frisky having fun with my santa bear and was distracted.

This lady sheep had a funny look in her eye

I am looking forward to opening my treats under the tree, I can smell them – smells like those little bone biscuits I like, and hopefully some more of those cat treats I like so much too. I don’t know what I will do on the big Christmas Day coz mama and papa are eating way too many vegies nowadays – no meat at all in our house for months now – I wonder what will happen this year. We used to have meat and salad meals for days normally and I loved the ham, chicken and lamb treats. I’m worried I admit – as much as I like a plate of vegies and mash, I am thinking I might have to go next door to the neighbours for some meat this year – woof woof grrrr that won’t be good. Maybe they will surprise me, hope so.

I hope I am getting a haircut before the big party day too, coz I’m getting itchy and scratchy with the seeds and grasses. I think that is why I got half a pill in my snack today. I have allergies mama said. Okay whatever, just give me the pill. The scratching is driving us all mental, I woof agree.

Have a fun Christmas Day, readers, and don’t let your doggie mates near the chocolate or booze. Make sure the windows are down in the car if you take them for a ride, and water water water – as mama says every time we get in a car or motorhome – has Caspar got water and a bowl. She is awesome thinking about me all the time.

Letter to Caspar

Hello there Caspar

I am brand new to the RV world. I am only eight weeks old and get to hang out at Coastal Motorhomes & Caravans in Whakatāne. My name is Mexi and I am a Shih Tzu Cross.

I am pretty lucky as I get to go to work every day and meet lots of other RV doggies and pets. Plus, soon I will get my first trip away in a 1979 Trail-lite caravan.

Hopefully we will meet on the road one day.

See ya


Thanks Mexi woofy to you to. My advice to newbies is don’t get out of the vehicle unless your parents say so, never run on the road, don’t be a barker dog unless on guard, and ask for a seat and harness wherenever they take you in a vehicle, it is good to be secure and safe – and water with a bowl – all the time. Good luck little one, I can’t wait to meet and play with you one day soon. Caspar