Brrr woofy woof brrr – it’s so cold outside lately, and wet wet woofy wet so often as well – just as well my hair has grown so long, no haircuts for me thank goodness.

Great to get out for a big walk, it has been wet for days it seems like

I love our walkies when it’s sunny or dry enough. Up to the park in the centre of town, a visit to Kitchener’s where I often meet my mate Sooty while da mama and papa see John. I’ve stayed at their house sometimes too. Or I get parked up outside Neighbourhood and they go in there. If it’s warm enough, we will all sit outside together and watch the cars around the park.

I like this new house, it has a big table and a seat in the back for me

I‘ve been pretty relaxed lately, just a couple of trips away in the motorhome, visiting people and looking inside lots of motorhome. Da papa has his black camera box out all the time on these trips, thankfully not always pointed at me. I do get sick of hearing “Caspie, Caspie turn this way, we need a photo for your column.” I just want to run and play but I get to do that quicker if I just do what they want.

While we were away, da mama and papa eat their food at other places, places I‘m not allowed to go which doesn’t seem fair. Usually no amount of my scratching, knocking or barking at the doors of these places gets much action, unless it’s being taken back to the motorhome. At one place, it was so cold I was shivering, and da mama saw me and wrapped me up in papa’s jacket and gave me some of her dinner – that was real nice.

Don’t know what’s so funny here - OH NO a clean out of my anal glands, now I know why

I’ve had a check-up at the Vet again. My stupid leg is giving me a bit of gyp now and then, especially if I’ve been running around playing like a mad chook (as papa tells me). Sometimes I do limp around a bit and can’t jump for a day or so. I’ve been put back in the cage for a few days to make me rest, I don’t like this, but it does make my leg feel much better. I had a flea shot and a very rude awakening with a finger tickle up in the rear end, woofy woofy it’s not comfortable but I’ve learned to take it without a snap or growl at the man.

Typical they go inside where it’s warm and cosy and I sit outside. Still mum did come out and wrap me in dad’s jacket and give me a snack so I sucked it up

Da mama and papa left me alone at home for a whole day and night recently. Laura came and fed me and took me for a walk. I woofy love Laura – she’s so kind woofy licky lick lick. When they came back they were in a new motorhome. “What’s going on,” I thought. “I’m so woofy confused!”

Tied up outside Neighbourhood while they have another drink, and nothing for me - again!

It’s much smaller than our big house, and no room for me in the front. I couldn’t find a Caspar seat anywhere at all, so I guess da mama will be sharing her seat with me. There was no big comfy bed either, but I can see out the back windows real good, and da mama and papa seem real excited by it, so I’ll see how they make room for me.

I have been seeing a bit of my mate Sooty, always a good time

I’ve had some letters and emails coming into the office for me – it was very exciting so thanks for those. Da mama has made me a new email address, so I can get my own mail and write back. Mama said we’ll share this one from Steve and Jill – woof woof, thanks for writing.

Dear Robyn and Caspar

My wife and I are RV subscribers and we find it a very interesting read with plenty of helpful, practical tips and ideas on places to visit. Occasionally we buy one of your other excellent publications, NZToday and we find both magazines to be of a consistently high standard of knowledgeable, often quirky writing, complemented by lovely photos. Who wouldn’t want to explore New Zealand (and we are Poms!) after reading either of these beautifully presented magazines?!

We always enjoy reading Caspar’s Capers and good on you for acknowledging that an ‘RV Family’ often consists of a pet. We laugh at some of the items or photos in this column. Having owned Labradors, we found the letter from Max to Caspar in the May-June issue, simply beautiful in its sentiments and message. We can all learn something from our pets, and we had to reach for the box of tissues while reading this heart-wrenching letter.

Robyn, please keep up the great work on your magazines and particularly Caspar’s Capers as we think such a column is virtually unique worldwide in a magazine of this sort, providing a different slant on the relationship between pets and their ‘travelling’ owners.

Steve and Jill.

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