Hi there, woof woof!

It has been really boring in the last few weeks. I have had lots of home-alone time with Pete looking after me – it’s been a bit rough woof really. Da Mama and Papa went away to Auckland without me for a week. That was really annoying but they had to drive up in the car ’cos our motorhome was still away with those funny-talking people. But one afternoon I heard a familiar noise as I was cruising the fence-line and I ran to the gate and nearly got run over as our house arrived back home. It was very exciting – I jumped straight up inside as soon as they parked up and opened the door.

I thought we would go away for a trip when they left, but sadly the Mama and Papa have been working and working all the time until just yesterday. I couldn’t believe it when I saw my couch going inside, and my biscuits in a box – that always means we are going away for a drive – so I jumped up and assumed the position waiting for my restraint and seatbelt. We went down to the beach which is only a short drive (Ngawi Mama calls it) – I have been down there lots of times. I had to be on the lead all the time, but it was worth it to be by the big water, lots of woof woof fishy smells and things to explore. That’s been it for us though, only one trip and two nights away this year in our motorhome house. I hear Mama saying she’s not sure it’s worth it, some money for our house and we have to stay home all the time. I agree with her, I want to go away every week and explore new places, now that’s woof woof fun.


Hi Caspar,

Woof woof, how’s it going lil’ buddy?

I heard lots about you way down there in Martinborough from my Dad. You looked mega-cool in ya shades in the last RV mag.

We live in Auckland. Stop woofing with laughter; it’s ok here if you don’t mind the traffic, the rain, the kennel prices – ooops, I mean house prices – the lack of places to run around, to park or simply to hang-dog with ya mates, and a rugby team that needs a guy from Wellington to help them start winning for a change!

I thought you might have come up in your motorhome to the Covi Motorhome Show. I know your Mum and Dad did, ’cos they came around to my place to see my Dad. It was good to meet them ’cos I’d heard my Dad talking and laughing with them on the phone plenty of times. I think they worked hard at the Show ’cos Dad was pretty tired when he got home each night; so tired, I even missed out on my walk … grrrrr!

He seemed to pick up a bit after he grabbed a ‘cold one’ from the fridge. Not quite sure what that is, perhaps it’s human-speak for medicine like we sometimes get from the vet; what do you think?

He brought home lots of brochures about caravans, motorhomes, campers, fold-up bikes, chillybin fridges, kayaks, gourmet cookware, torches and lotsa other stuff and reckons the whole thing was pretty good.

Would have been good if we’d been invited huh? We could tell them a few things about what WE want in a motorhome! Anyway, I heard him say lots of new subscribers signed up so the ‘team’ was happy.

One night they all went out for dinner, you know, all the dudes who work on RVTravel Lifestyle: Robyn, Bruce, Cam, Sue and Dave. Allan couldn’t make it. They went to a weird-sounding place called ‘Bosco Verde’. Italian I think. You ever tasted Italian food? Musta been good ’cos Dad didn’t even bring a doggy-bag home!

Anyway, it’s tea time now, better go – nothing Italian, nothing gourmet – just out of a tin, the way I like it.

See ya soon Caspar

From your new mate

Max the Labrador… xxxx

Max the Golden Labrador, can't wait to meet Caspar