The weather is stunning in Martinborough – hot 26-degree days over Labour Weekend – and today Masterton began water restrictions for residents. I expect Martinborough will follow suit, as we suck our water from the same river source, though I believe that we also have access to bore water. Makes you want to get outdoors and enjoy the warmth and the longer days (thanks to daylight saving).

In this magazine we try to inspire our readers to ‘get a life’, and usually respond to your “when we retire we want to get . . .” comments with a “you can die waiting to retire you know, why wait really” reply. A bit glib I know but you’ll relate to the sentiment. But hey, let’s be honest, budget is a biggie for most of us, and the first RV experience for many is often second hand and a caravan at that. Personally, I think you can gradually develop a more relaxed lifestyle if you just start with a tent or the next step up, a camper trailer. The last five years has seen a rise in the variety of models at the various motorhome shows around the country, and the latest shows in March, July and September offered some new options to consumers.

If you haven’t attended any of these shows you may be unaware of how this market has grown and the variety of the camper trailers now available to choose from, with roof-top tents, tear-drop campers, pop-top or pop-out camp trailers, 4WD military beasts and tiny pods, both imported and locally produced options. Here we profile some of the models available around the country. >


Since we are looking at tents on trailers, let’s look at the basic tent as well, specifically the 30-second Oztent from Heatrite in Palmerston North, who are regular exhibitors at all the motorhome shows around the country and have been for many years. Tents range in price; $1000 will buy you a basic one roomer, made from high-quality, waterproof, 8oz Ripstop Poly-Cotton Canvas and a heavy-duty heat-sealed PVC floor, and it comes with side and rear windows and zippered power inlet.

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