There were three things my husband would never consider doing; and what do you know, he is now an expert on all three. The first of these detestable things was motorhoming, the second was going on a cruise and the third was cycling.

Some years ago, after being talked around on the motorhoming front, he agreed to visit a Covi Show in Auckland where I fell for a beautifully finished new Wakerley motorhome. After negotiating with the said husband I was given permission to negotiate with the Wakerley boys, and after coming to an agreement we became the proud owners of a motorhome we knew nothing about. We soon discovered that we had purchased what was considered to be the top-of-the-range New Zealand-built motorhome, built for New Zealand conditions. We owned this motorhome for almost seven years, after which time we had a problem – replacing it with something with a little more living space, but with quality and finish matching that of Wakerley, which are no longer being built.

The en suite bathroom is spacious, Glenys and Geoff love the full sized shower and the large window, which is glass and double glazed

We visited several motorhome manufacturers over a couple of years and drove different truck and chassis units, talked to people in the know and then put to bed the idea of a change – many times. Fast forward to late-2016 – we remembered visiting the Covi Show earlier that year and commenting on the spaciousness of one motorhome we had seen there. The next mission was to remember the brand name, and after putting little snippets together and a few phone calls later we knew we were on the right track. At this stage we also remembered that Bruce Mountain had spoken highly of this particular motorhome manufacturer.

Allisee Supremacy was the name, and they were built by the ALM Group in Hamilton who were also boat builders. Our first visit to their yard in October 2016, to take a look at it, was a very low-key family-friendly experience, and our timing was perfect as they were about to start a new motorhome ready for the next Covi Show in March of 2017.

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