In our early 60s, in that heady zone between children and grandchildren, we’ve lately developed irresponsible nomadic tendencies that worry our adult daughters.

It’s a classic case of role reversal – we get texts from Sophie and Bridget urging us to be careful and report in at the end of the day. They are working hard on their careers in Sydney and London; we are working hard on leisure in ‘God’s own’ …

The scenery on the St James Cycle Trail is spectacular. Photo: Hurunui Tourism

Chris and I love nothing better than to wander around the countryside in a comfy self-contained motorhome with a couple of e-bikes on the back, going wherever the spirit wills and the weather looks most settled during this Clayton’s kind of summer.

With no fixed itinerary or agenda, the only focus of the day is to find a picturesque place to park overnight and a scenic biking trail which, for the first time in my life thanks to the wonderful invention of the e-bike, can include hills. It’s not hard to meet all those criteria in Aotearoa.

Justine on the St James Cycle Trail with a massive scree slope in the background A signpost on the way to Hanmer Springs

On our most recent escapade, we picked up a JUCY motorhome and two Kiwi-designed SmartMotion e-bikes in Christchurch and set off for Hanmer Springs with a couple of mates who had driven all the way from Gisborne, towing a flash Australian camper trailer with their e-bikes on the top. As Dave and Libby drove out the gate, their adult sons evidently shook their heads in disbelief muttering something about a ‘late-life crisis on wheels!’

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