Woof-woof, the rain is pouring down today and da mama says a cyclone is about to hit. Don’t know what that means but her and da papa have been running around tidying up outside – I tried to help but I am under control on my lead at the moment.

It is has been a busy time since I last woofed to you all. We have done lots of travelling in the motorhome. It has been terrific going all the way up to the kids in Northland – I love playing with them. There were lots of boxes and paper one day, and it was really woof woof strange as da mama put a silly red thing on me, my santa suit she called it. So woofy-gruff-gruff when she and everyone else laughed at me, but I got some yummy ham so I didn’t really mind.

I was having a bit of a problem running and jumping into my seat on the couch, so I had to go to see that man mama calls the vet. I always get shaky and scared when we go there coz I seem to get a sharp needle quite often, or a finger somewhere not nice – but it’s good afterwards, so I’ve learned to not mind this too much, woof. When I was younger I had two big sleeps and operations, da mama called them. It took a long time to be allowed walkies and to run again, so this vet man is always a woof-woof worry.

Yep – grrrrr I was left at the vets and they stuck me in the leg. I woke up with half a shaved bum and another big cut on my left leg. Oh no, not another few months tied up and in the cage, wahhh!

I have spent so much time in a cage or on my lead it is woof-woofy boring, but we have been in the motorhome to our beach at Ngawi, and that was relaxing on my couch. We went on the big Interislander boat too. I got to stay in the motorhome and da papa parked it on the deck where I can see outside. I love it when I can see out to the sky and water. Sometimes when we go on the ferry we are inside the big boat and it is noisier and scarier. We did lots of exploring, woofy sniffy times at lots of spots – I got carried everywhere, with just a little walk sometimes, but that was okay.

We visited lots of beaches and stayed with Dave and Lynn at Surf Watch in Kaikoura. I love going there and playing with Lila. It’s great when we go to friends – I know instantly I have been there before, where I can go and not go, I get put down, and mama takes off the lead and Lila and I play for hours. We went for a big drive in Dave’s van with mama, papa and Lila all the way up the back roads to the mountains. It was exciting exploring streams and stuff. We found a family broken down right at the end of the mountain road, with strange funny stuff coming out of their motor and all over the ground. I went to lick it but mama said NO – I know what that means, eek! Mama was worried for them until we saw a truck coming when we got back nearer to town – they were going to rescue the kids she said, so that was good.

When we got back home we had lots of people in town, and lots of noisy cars. I was allowed to go down to the rugby grounds with da papa, on my lead and on my couch – it was loud and exciting, so many people and lots of pats for me, woof woof.

I have had two hair cuts since my last column as well – that’s a record, mama said, but I am so woofy-woofy happy about it. For some reason it is hotter for much longer this year, and all the grasses have been sticking into me and been really annoying.

Have to go now – I need another injection for my leg, and mama tells me the vet is waiting – oh well I have no option, and I am feeling so much better and stronger on my silly leg now, so they must know what they are doing.

Woof-woof till next time.