Woof woof friends

I have been so busy since my last column, I am exhausted woof. We have been visiting so many places I don’t think I can remember them all.

Not too many people down this end today, lots of road working people and noise though

Our new home is good, but I have only one local friend who comes up our long drive – grrrr, bit lonely that woofy way, no mates to bark out and talk to. Maybe that’s why we go out so much. After my last column we went to Takapuna beach to see a really busy market – papa had to carry me for a while coz it was so busy – then we had fun on the beach with Charlotte.

Clevedon markets were busy. I met lots of new friends, this is the oldest and smallest friend I made

She is finally warming up to me. Mama makes her carry my lead so she thinks she is the boss of me, and she shares her balls when she and mama play catch outside – so that’s good. Lots of new friends to meet at market places.

We went to visit Paul and Rochelle at RnRV. I explored all around the yard, and got to sit in the big dog seat in the new RV – willl da mama take this home I wonder

On the way home we went to the Viaduct, another place I am getting to know really well. I always meet plenty of new friends there and I get plenty of pats which is great.

I have seen this little friend before at Pokeno

A couple of weeks later we went to a new market in Clevedon. This was exciting with so many friends to meet I sometimes didn’t know who to run to first. Mama and papa liked the music and food here, and the really little horses. I think we will be back with Charlotte in the future so she can have a ride – why can’t I have a ride I woofed, I reckon I could hang on there.

I loved visiting Marilyn inside their little RV

Our big motorhome has been missing for months, well years for me really, so we went for a big drive to Silverdale and visited it. Papa said it was getting a gearbox – woof knows what that is but now I know. On the way home we visited another place I know well, RnRV where Paul and Rochelle are; I’ve met them so many times now. I think their kids were going to take me home one time – they wouldn’t let my lead go. I got to check out lots of motorhomes, and papa asked me what I thought of a really flash one that him and da mama spent ages inside – woofy woofy woofffylicious wow, I barked.

Damn that ice cream looks good, hope she drops some for me

During the week we don’t do much, as mama and papa work all the time. It seems to be on weekends we head away to places, so the next weekend we went to another market in Pokeno. I’ve been there lots now so I’m a regular pooch one lady tells me. I have a little friend I visit in the van at the back.

We stopped at a park for me to go walkies, don’t know what was up with this sign!

Some snippy snappy doggies here too though, so I keep my eyes open. And yep back again the same day to the Viaduct. I think mama and papa really like the big water and boats here, and I really like the other doggies, the food smells and being allowed to sit on a seat now and then when they have food. The big bridge that goes over the water not so woofy much, but they carry me over if I get too scared.

Lots of mates to meet at the Tauranga Jazz festival

Then a couple of weeks ago I got a really big surprise coz my things were loaded into the car – my seat and blankie. The harness was put on and we headed away – where the heck are we going? I got so woofy excited when hours and hours later we drove up our driveway in Martinborough, yahoo woofy woof woof woof, we are home. I went mad at first, running up and down the fence letting the town know I was back. Ah it was great to go uptown for breakfast and see Sooty and the others, but I was sad to see my stuff go back in the car and I knew we were leaving again – bye Laura, Ricky and Pete I woofed out the window.

Couldn’t work out what was up with these guys, a bit stiff they were and didn’t smell

But we didn’t do the big long drive; only half a day later we drove up to a place I’ve never been to before, but I knew the people when we got there were Don and Sally. Mama said this was their new house in Urenui and we had to stop and visit before going back to Pukekohe. Woof, ok, so I explored and ran about, and I saw some other dogs in the paddock with a man and some sheep. He whistled at them and they ran behind the sheep and rounded them into a pen. It looked like great fun – but not for me woof woof. We went home after that and more work for mama and papa.

A market day at the Jazz festival

I heard them talking about a big holiday time so no work could be done – awesome woof woof where are we going this time I asked. I couldn’t believe when we went for a drive up to Silverdale again and woof woof yay we picked up the motorhome and took it home – finally. Then, yes, I saw the signs, my bed and couch going in, food being loaded, then we all got in RnR and drove away, our first trip in three months. We only drove for a couple of hours to Tauranga. I have been there lots of times. This time we went to town and walked along the waterfront, where there were lots of people and music playing in places – mama said it was the Tauranga Jazz festival. Lots of people and dogs to meet here as well. I think this has been my busiest time ever for meeting so many new doggie friends. It was a great time for a couple of days, then yes back home for more of that work mama and papa do.

I’m adjusting to living in this new place. It’d be better if I could see people walking past us – I miss that – but I’m loving playing with Charlotte all the time and visiting so many new places, so it is okay.

I liked the view from up here, tired of looking through all the legs

It’s getting colder now, but I noticed it is much warmer here in our new town than it was when we went home last week – brrr I was happy to have my long hair. I couldn’t believe it when mama took me for a hair cut yesterday, back to short all over, just as well I have a little coat if it does actually get cold here.

Bye for now.