Milkboys aren’t made out of milk. And you can’t wrap fish and chips with a paperboy. As for sand ladders, well, won’t the tide simply wash them away? Not if they’re made from a decent aluminium my friend.

What do you use them for? When the going gets tough basically. Soft sand as well as gooey mud and peat can prove a real challenge, even after you’ve let air out of the tyres. Wedged under your wheels, sand ladders allow you to traverse sticky situations that could potentially end your trip. Placed carefully, they can also be used to bridge washouts in creeks. I knew I needed a set and I had a fairly good idea of the required specifications. What I wasn’t quite prepared for was the location of the maker. Hmmm. Budapest? This may get a little hairy was my initial thought.

Everytime we put him on the hoist and someone stands underneath I get a clear picture of just how big this project really is

My first challenge was to pronounce the name of the engineer I’d contacted to build them, one Szilard Laszlo. I needn’t have worried, his English turned out to be so much better than my Hungarian. This is how it went down:

Monday: Emailed Szilard this morning and explained what I wanted, his website had single-skinned ladders capable of supporting a five-tonne vehicle. I needed them to be capable of double that strength, yet the two ladders also had to be light enough to be easily handled by one person onto one fitting, 1.7m off the ground, at the rear of the vehicle.

The lips under the ladder bolts will make locating them an easy one-man job

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