L loyd and Joan Whittaker met at the local photographer’s studio when Lloyd was just 16 and his bride-to-be was 19 years old. He recalls that Joan was wearing a tartan dress and that she alone was sufficient reason for him to begin working there.

They were united by a love of photography but bound by their mutual love of music. The couple have been married for 64 years. It is, as Lloyd says, a fine romance, which – like their love of music – shows no sign of abating.

Regular concerts held at the Musical Museum attract large audiences Lloyd plays a highly ornate 10-stop Theatre organ (1877)

Lloyd began playing music at the age of five when he was a given a mouth organ. He describes his Okoke family home as ‘the backblocks of Taranaki’. It was not a musical household and Lloyd was largely self-taught, but his parents and wider family were supportive of his talents. Lloyd graduated to a button accordion at age seven, and an uncle later passed on a concertina. Eventually he was given a guitar.

When a pianola arrived at the family home, Lloyd taught himself to play tunes by ‘ghosting’ his own fingers above the moving keys, memorising the notes, and learning how chords were created. Much later, under the careful tuition of a progressive piano teacher, Jordan Rogers, Lloyd learnt finesse and obtained his ATCL teaching diploma from Trinity College London.

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