Hi there, woof woof!

It has been an exciting time for me recently – we have been on a big trip in the motorhome woof woof. I was so happy woof when my biscuits and bed were taken out and I knew I was going too.

I wasn’t so happy when my seat was taken up by this lady who came to stay – da mama said she was da Rona. I couldn’t understand her talking. She sounded woofy weird, a Scottish lass I heard da mama say, whatever that means.

On our first night we stayed outside of Taupo at a place I have been to a few times before. I sniffed around for a few minutes when we went for a walk, and before long I knew where we were. I got to have another walk around the water the next morning, then again in the town, but when I was left in the motorhome while they all went and had food I was so annoyed. I could smell yummy food on them all when they came back, grrrrr.

I had a great time running around at the beach

We had a big drive after that, and I got to look at some other motorhomes at a place da mama called Mt Maunganui, and da mama drove us down to a really awesome looking beach and grassed area with other people there too. But I wasn’t allowed to get out at all, woof woof – damn, da mama said this was a dog-free zone, even the beach and boardwalk. I really wanted to run and sniff everywhere but stayed in the back looking out the window while da mama, Rona, and papa were in another real flash-looking motorhome.

Then we went for another drive for a couple of hours and down a big long gravel road to a farm place. It was woof woof exciting, I could smell weird animal smells and chickens were running around when we parked up and got out. There were some people I knew from when they came to our house. We stayed at their house that night and the motorhome stayed parked at the barn. I had a great time the next day when we went down to the beach in the ute. I ran, played and explored for hours, digging in the sand for I don’t know what, but there were all sorts of smells to explore, woof woof great fun. Then back to the motorhome and a few hours’ drive to the house where that baby person Charlotte lives. Da mama and Rona were only interested in the baby, I tried to get in and smell and lick her but no one seemed to like that so I went outside while I could. Thank goodness we weren’t there long, and we were away again for more hours driving until we got to a place called PioPio. I’ve stayed there before – there is the lady Sue and her two big old dogs Napoleon and Josephine.

I got a bit scared ’cos they were both so big and their heads were trying to lift me off the ground sniffing me you know where. Da papa rescued me and I sat up with him – I felt a bit silly and couldn’t stop shaking. That Rona lady called me a woolly woofter – whatever that means.

We went for another big drive until we stopped at a real campground in a place called New Plymouth. I’ve been there before too. Da mama and papa were busy visiting lots of people and talking so I had to stay in the motorhome by myself, but I didn’t really mind as I got a good walk when they came back. The next day we did another long drive and arrived back at home. I always feel happy and smile when I sit up and see we are driving into our village – I look out for who’s around the Square, and I go for a mad run around the property when we are parked up, race up and down the fence line sniffing out who has been past while I’ve been away.

I got a letter while I was away as well. I love getting letters – da mama reads them to me and shows me the pictures.

Woof Woof



Da papa, Rona and me. Now we’re having fun dad was saying - what does that even mean I wonder

Letter to Caspar

Hello Caspar, my name is Lexi. My Mum bought me as a Toy Poodle but my legs kept on growing and now I’m a gorgeous Black Miniature.

I just love motorhoming where I sit beside Mum and watch everything especially all those silly dogs who walk everywhere.

My favourite spots are on the Coromandel Peninsula. The beaches and overnight parking areas are just super. On one occasion Dad found this lovely POP behind the Waikato Waterski Club. Early next morning Dad put out the awning, table and chairs and settled for a ‘day-long happy hour’. I was able to sit under his chair and watch all these kids tying lengths of wood to their feet, having a long rope thrown to them from a real rowdy thing which pulled them around and around. Sometimes they got tired and fell off for a drink or have a quick swim. We stayed there for a few days and I met some great wee dogs that seemed just as lazy as me.

On another holiday further down country, Mum was doing her usual evening exercise, which has me being dragged along behind, when out of nowhere came this horrible Pit Bull thingy that immediately attacked my back ripping out large chunks of skin and flesh. I can remember Mum screaming as she fell on my head and shoulders; she was also attacked, with puncture wounds to her hands. Dad rushed in with a towel, which he wrapped around me. We took off into town and I don’t think our Isuzu truck has ever been driven faster. We found an after-hours Vet who immediately phoned a colleague to come and assist.

Ready for a roadie, so glad they fitted me in too

Once I was ‘out’, Dad took Mum up to the local hospital for injections and skin-puncture repairs. The three-hour operation was spent sewing me up and I was told later that I may have to go through this again as the repaired skin might rot.

Next day we set off for home only to be stopped with a rear-tyre blow out, right outside a small country garage in Benneydale at 4.25pm on a Friday. The lovely proprietor helped a very grateful Dad jack up the truck, change one tyre and also another wheel had to be changed. I have never seen Dad so happy as he gave the chappie certainly what he deserved. Back home, Mum made an appointment with a sweet wee lass called Holley, and sure enough another lengthy operation was required. She cut away everything, put a honey-based gel on and then bandaged – oh boy, the pain. For the next few weeks we had to visit her every second day. The old skin now looks like burns which Mum keeps sun screen on and even imported a specially made sun cover. I am so lucky to have all my muscles and functions return which has enabled me to be normal. During this time, I did receive plenty of kisses and cuddles from Mum and I think Dad had his bum patted which I think is fair enough, don’t you? My Mum just loves little girl dogs but I’m sure my Dad is House Trained.

Well, take care Caspar and I hope we meet some day. Lexi, from Kati Kati.